Life is Too Short

Jessica posted this and I think it is worth reposting… Something for everyone to think about!

ive decided that life is too short. do you agree?…should you tell that person that you like him? should you get mad at someone for cutting you off, i mean, they wont even know that youre mad? should you be mean to someone, and just assume that you’ll have days to make up with them? should you say something that you know will hurt someone? should you pass up an opportunity? should you not tell her that she did a good job, or that you think she is really talented? should you forget to tell your family that you love them, cuz when it comes down to it, your family is all that you have? should you fight for your dreams, or just go with the easy path? should you tell him that you wait for his phone call, that you hope he’s online, that you love seeing him in class, or just keep living day to day wondering what could be? should you tell her that she’s the best friend that youve ever had, or just go on assuming that she knows that? should you go to bed mad? should you smile?

Thanks Jessica!