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Batch & Amanda

Check out these cuties…

Batch & Amanda

I just found this really old (December 2004) picture on my little camera and figured I had to share it with the world.

I remember we took the picture outside Fry’s when I went there to buy a new computer for the duplicator, but other than that I don’t remember why we were all together, although from these pictures I have a feeling that we were at The Cheesecake Factory earlier:


Lauren in a Box

Lauren hung out at last night’s rehearsal of the Best Foot Forward Dance Recital. She was actually supposed to run followspot, but she ended up not being able to because of some WaMu training. In any event, as usual, I found a spot to lock her up:


The new equipment rack in the booth! No equipment has been installed in it yet, so it was a perfect spot to put her in.

Looking Down on LaurenDSCN0148.JPG

I let her out fairly quickly, but she didn’t look too happy:


Lauren later decided that she was going to replace the picture on Chad’s business cards with herself.

Lauren-Business Card

And of course Batch & Chad were getting loopy as they always do for this show:











Yesterday I took the MH2 back to Northridge so that they could repair channel 14, which was having a metering problem. I left about 7:15 and got there about 10, traffic wasn’t too horrible. After dropping the console off, I drove back to Pasadena for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I thoroughly enjoyed my fettucini with chicken, no sun dried tomatoes. I even was able to eat all of the lunch sized portion without help from Batch! The Pasadena Cheesecake Factory didn’t list the Bostom Cream Cheesecake on their menu anymore either, so I think it is discontinued for good – at least until they hear from Batch and me! After Cheesecake I walked down Coloardo Blvd, where I stopped at the Apple store to play with the new iMacs and to check my email. They didn’t have a MacBook Pro out there, but the iMac did seem really responsive just opening applications and clicking around. I was tempted to stop in the Ghirardelli store, and the bakery down the street with lots of fudge in the windows, but I resisted the temptation and walked back to my car.

I drove around Pasadena, seeing what had changed and looking for cheap gas. I settled for $2.539 at some no name place on Allen. I drove back to Northridge and stopped at Target to waste some time. There are two Targets on Balboa, one just off the 118 and the other farther down the street, closer to Soundcraft. The southern one has parking underneath the store, and looked brand new so I decided to give that one a try. While the store was all on one level, because the parking garage is underneath, they had a shopping cart escalator so that you could get your cart full of goodies down to the garage after shopping. It was really cool! I got some more shirts for Batch’s mom to embroider for CBC and then I found the candy aisle. I went to Trader Joes and then I got the call from Soundcraft that the console was ready to be picked up.

Target Cart Escalator

Security at Soundcraft wasn’t nearly as big of a pain this time. They just asked who I was and let me through; the exact opposite of the lady two weeks ago who thought she was the secret service and I was going to see the President.

Chad and Batch sent me down to Elation to pick up a lens kit and reflector for one of Matt’s heads that decided to blow up earlier. Apparently, UPS/FedEx couldn’t get the parts to the theater early enough, so I sat in traffic for four hours to get two little itty bitty parts. Three hours later I finally got back to Fallbrook, dropped the console at the Bob and headed home to get some sleep!

No more painting

I had a little bit of time this morning to get some CBC paperwork done before heading down to the high school to cut music for dance. The first song went really well, they didn’t even have me cut it; all I had to do was copy it to the master CD. The second one wasn’t quite as easy. They brought in an unedited version of Pump It by Black Eyed Peas. I started trying to get rid of words, but I think I just made most of them worse/more noticeable than they were to begin with. The girls knew that ASB had played the song at a recent pep rally, and thought it was the clean version, so I called down to ASB and Ben brought up the CD that they played. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the clean version so we were stuck trying to edit out bad words. I wish these girls could just find clean songs to dance to. I know it is hard, but if some can do it, why can’t everyone?

Batch, Chad and I went to lunch at La and then it was back to work on Flo’s set. We got everything painted and then waited for it to dry before moving it into Flo’s room. I think we are finally done with her stuff, for the week. Batch came over and helped us get the box for the MH2 down. Chad and I got it boxed up and then Batch tried to get his console setup for the upcoming dance show. I hooked up the GB8-16 to occupy the MH2’s spot while it was gone. I figured it would be good to test the other console so I could drive two in instead of one, but it looks like the GB8 works. Plus, this way the boys can have music to work with tomorrow.

I downloaded 24, episode 5 last night and got to watch it this evening. I can already tell that I am starting to loose interest with the weekly delays between episodes and I’ll probably stop watching soon and just wait for the DVD.

Tomorrow I get to drive the console to Northridge. Anyone want to entertain me for a while?

Watching the Paint Dry

Sunday morning I worked North Coast at the Bob. The band wasn’t kind enough to let us know the setup ahead of time, so we just got everything ready and then waited to hear on final setup for them before actually laying cable, etc. I had some reading and email to catch up on, but by second service the church was back to incredibly boring. Chad found out that I didn’t have a wedding Sunday afternoon, and Batch wanted to take off and get some other stuff done, so I ended up staying to do Music Society. It was certainly easy enough, and it will certainly have a nice effect on my paycheck, but I did miss going to Church.

I practically fell asleep watching Passionada and I got myself a good night of sleep. Monday morning I was up early/late to take Matt to school and then Chad and I tried to get some more work done on the drama sets. I edited some dance music and then we built three more decks and painted one of them.

On Sunday evening I had noticed that one of the channels on the new MH2-48 was showing signal on the channel strip, yet there was nothing plugged into it. We tried unplugging everything, but that didn’t seem to solve the problem. Rick at Soundcraft thinks that it is a blown preamp. I was planning on driving it up tomorrow to be repaired, but I was unable to get a hold of him to get a work order put in the system for it. Hopefully I can get it taken care of Thursday.

After taking Matthew to school this morning, I got payroll for the last month done. Then I took care of some business at Brand. My list keeps getting shorter and shorter there. I need to test the VPN setup on Carol’s laptop and if it all works, then I think my to do list will be done for a while at least. Maybe we can get him cracking on his website then.

I found Buzza working on a new house down on WinterHaven (between Green Canyon and Winter Warm) today. I didn’t get a chance to stop and talk, but I gave him a call and I plan on stopping by one of these days. I miss working with him. It looks like he got a new truck; trying to always keep me jealous I guess!

I watched Wicker Park tonight. It was not quite what I was expecting, but in the end I really enjoyed it. I thought they had a interesting story line and a good way of representing it with the use of flashbacks. It kind of reminded me of Memento, but at the same time was nothing like it. I also downloaded last nights episode of 24 and am looking forward to watching that tomorrow night!

NAMM 2006

Wednesday went a little better than Tuesday. The district actually had a PO ready for us at 9 in the morning and other than the interruptions for editing dance music, we had a pretty good day building sets. We whipped through a couple deck pieces and got some other stuff painted.

Thursday morning we headed up to Anaheim for NAMM. We went through will call to get Chad and Batchelor’s badges and then hit the floor show. We ran into Karen at the Horizon booth and she seemed really happy to see us. It was great to finally put a face to her voice. Horizon was showcasing their new digital snake which lists for about $1300 for an 8 ch module. I’m anxious to get the specs on it and really compare it to other products out there. We then met with our Shure rep who ran us through their products, along with D&M Pro and Aviom. Chad & Batch seemed to love the Aviom system for NCC/Bob, but I think we’d still be better off with a real monitor console and beltpacks/headphone amps. They both have their advantages of course.

We spent the rest of the day walking around checking out products. I managed to miss all of the idea sessions that I was planning on attending, I guess next year I have to set alarms or something. We went to the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney for Lunch/Dinner and then sat outside the House of Blues for them to let us in. Apparently, we didn’t quite get the right passes, so we had to wait for all of the VIP people to get their food before we were allowed to go in. I left the EV party early and went to Ron & Kathy’s for the night. It was good to catch up with them.

Friday morning we met for breakfast and continued walking the show floor. There wasn’t too much that we had missed the first time. Chad talked with American DJ and it sounds like we are opening up a dealership with them now. Batch and I left Chad to work up an opening order and headed over to Fudds for lunch! It was great! Of course we sent pyro a picture. He replied and said he was expecting it to be In-N-Out. That prompted us to drive around to find an In-N-Out of which we took a picture and sent to him. We then picked up Chad and couldn’t figure out what to do with the two hours to spare before the American DJ Party. We ended up just driving, and as we got closer and closer to Newport, I felt stronger and stronger that Cheesecake was calling my name. It wasn’t until after we sat down and ordered that we found out the horrible news: They have discontinued the Boston Cream Cheesecake! Batch and I have vowed to go give Mr. Cheesecake a piece of our minds.

We then sat in traffic on the way back to Anaheim and eventually made it to the American DJ party. We stayed there for a while and then it was off to home. I got home around 10 and it felt really good to get back in my bed!

This morning I headed out to GT for a memorial service. I had a weird feeling that it was going to be cancelled or something as I was driving there. Sure enough, as soon as I got there, Pat asked me what I was doing there. They had switched it to a reception only, and no one remembered to call me. Oh well, no big deal cause I got to walk around Arbor Terrace and see how things were coming up there. I actually got to see water in the waterfalls and hear how incredibly loud it is as well. I got the truckload of mail (three days worth), came home and started going through it. I really enjoyed my homemade lunch – pasta – after eating out so much the last week. Matt and I finished up the first season of Without a Trace tonight.


I spent most of the day today at the high school. I was supposed to be painting sets for the drama show, but I think the only thing we actually got painted today was the stairs. Flo didn’t have any paint for us yet, so we couldn’t do much but prep, and it didn’t take too long to figure out that one of her big pieces was not coming in the theater because of the amount of mold and mildew on it!

We didn’t have any orders today, but that was OK because I had enough other stuff to keep me busy.

Greg met with a guy today who is going to try and keep this Crossroads TV thing moving forward which is great. Please keep praying for Greg and his ministry.

Tomorrow should turn out to be another busy day and then it will be time for NAMM. Now it is time for sleep.

Day 5

Bridal Fair at the GT went well yesterday. Sherri had asked if I would stay throughout the day to make sure that things sounded good. Pat said that there was no reason for me to stay. I brought enough stuff with me to keep me busy throughout the day in case I decided to stay. I decided to stay at least for a while to make sure things got off to a smooth start. I ended up being fairly busy for most of the time and I ended up staying for the entire time. I even added an extra speaker so that we could blast out the people sitting up on the hill by the verandah. Those little EV ZX1 boxes really put out. I was surprised.

While I was checking out the added speaker, I hear someone call my name. It was Jamie Winkleman. Apparently, she is getting married at GT in July. I also ran into Sara Jones and Russell Buzza who are also getting married in July, I believe. Mike Farmer tried to drum us up some duplication business with a bride’s mom who wants to make CDs as party favors.

I had a major headache when I got home from GT so I took a nap, but my body made sure that I was awake to watch the first two hours of 24, Day 5. It was good, although I felt that there were some major lulls between the action sequences. I don’t like the President, and I really can’t the First Lady. — If you haven’t seen 7-9 a.m., stop reading. — I was really saddened to see President Palmer get assassinated in the first couple minutes of the show. Jack of course is immediately back in the action and is being framed for the murder of Palmer. I did like one line from Jack, it went something like this: “Let’s get one thing straight. The only reason you’re still conscious is because I don’t want to carry you.”

I don’t have anything major to report from today. We had two orders online, nothing big, but orders none the less. Matt and I took the Christmas lights down and cleaned out the gutters.

I got CBC’s site upgraded to WP 2.0 and took down the rest of the pages to keep things looking similar throughout. 24 is distracting me too much to think of anything else to write… Let’s see what Jack has to offer us tonight!

We’re Not in Kansas, but We Do Get Twisters

I was going to invite you to read this article from the LA Times, March 10, 2005, but they want to charge you to read it!

It talked about some of the times that LA has had weird weather in the past, as opposed to our normal summer in January stuff.

There was a snowball fight in 1932 outside Pasadena City College where the students were throwing rock filled snowballs across Colorado Blvd. When the police showed, several students deflated the tired and took the keys to the squad cars. The dean of the collge got out a bullhorn and said, “Please remember, you are Pasadena gentlemen.” At the same time Chatsworth was buried under 5 inches of snow and Albert Einsten wasn’t vising CalTech and commented that the had enough of the white stuff back home in Germany “and came here for sunshine.”

There was also snow in 1949. In Altadena, Christmas Tree Lane became a minature ski run.

The article also mentioned two tornados. One was in 1983 which took part of the convention center with it when it ran along the Harbor Freeway. Another hit Hawthorne in March of 1930.

24 Hours

In 24 hours, you all should know where I’ll be: Glued to my television, hoping that channel 6 (Fox) has a clear signal from 8-10 p.m. Of course, there is one problem, I’m not sure if I can stay awake until 10 o’clock at night, but I guess we’ll see. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, what boulder have you been hiding under? The four hour premier of Day 5 of “24” starts tomorrow at 8 p.m. on Fox. If you don’t know what 24 is, it is time you found out. The show is based around one day, 24 hours straight. Events are supposed to happen in real time, although it appears that lately they have been taking some liberties with that real time approach (i.e. making it from downtown LA to outside of Palm Springs in like 5 minutes in a helicopter). After the season premier I plan on waiting to see the rest of it until it comes out on DVD, although I imagine that is going to be hard.

The last two days have been pretty quiet. In fact, I can’t remember much of what I did yesterday. We had one of our contacts from Thursday follow through with an order on Friday and I filled out paperwork to become D&M dealers. I stopped by GT to see how things are coming over there. They have the tent up and they are working on getting the place planted. I was going to head up to Chad’s for his social gathering last night, but it was almost 7 when we got done with dinner, and as we all know, Scott’s bedtime is around 8.

This morning I finally got around to adding some stuff to the store. I went for some more Furman and finally some Littlite products. We’ll see how long Chad let’s me have the top spot. I can’t think of anything major to report from today. I guess I just did lots of little stuff.

New PLX2 Amps from QSC

It sounds like QSC is going to be announcing new PLX amps at NAMM.

From what I see they are roughly the same thing with some new models thrown in.

PSW Sound Reinforcement Forums: LAB: The Classic Live Audio Board => New PLX2 amps

Chad: Time to stock up for the Bob or we’re not going to have matching amps!

I’m still anxious to get this Ashly PE 2400 hooked up and see/hear how she works.

iPod Interface for my Truck

I got some work done this morning. I tried to get some stuff finished up, some orders sent off and stuff like that. We didn’t get any orders today, so that certainly wasn’t any fun.

This afternoon I went to the Bob and helped Chad, Batch and Floate pull cable to run outside “patio” speakers for the church. It took us about 3 hours, and was a big pain, but I think everyone is still alive.

I got my new iPod interface for my truck today. After finally ordering the third one, Car Domain was actually able to ship it out. (I had previously ordered ones from AudioSportStyle and Audio Outfitter, but they had them backordered after telling me they were available.) Thanks to Batch for helping me install it this evening. It was a fairly easy install – the hardest part was getting the radio back in the dash with all the extra cables behind it. It looks like it should work out well, especially once I get the hang of how it works. I like being able to access the controls from the radio, but I may also want to try the direct mode at some time. It is nice that it automatically pauses it when you turn off the radio (or switch away from it) and that it always charges it. It even sounds like it might be possible to get it to display the song title information on the radio through RDS, but I’m not 100% sure.

Chad mentioned Outback earlier today, so Batch and I took a drive out there with the new iPod interface to make sure everything was working. The sound is so much better through the cable than the iTrip, or a cassette adapter. I’m way happy!

Now I just need an Apple iPhone and I”ll be set to go!

Firefox Downloading PHP Files

Anyone else having a problem with FireFox (for Mac) downloading PHP files instead of viewing them sometimes. I’ve had the problem with posting entries from WordPress, both 1.5 and 2.0, and with OSCommerce. I think I also had the problem once just browsing a random site.

Instead of viewing the page, firefox will download the page and save it to my desktop, or ask me what to do with it. FireFox does actually post the data from the previous page, so that part is working, it just has a problem deciding what to do with the new page.

For a while I thought the problem could have been due to Google’s Blogger Comments Extension, but I removed it from one of my computers, and the problem just occurred again without it installed.

It has happened since the FireFox 1.5 upgrade, and only seems to do it after FireFox has been used for a while, although I can’t seem to predict it’s behavior.

I’ve searched Google for other people experiencing the problem, and any possible solutions, but I have found nothing.

Any thoughts? This really is driving me crazy!