Daily Archives: 2/3/2006

Promoting What you don’t Believe?

Do you advertise for stuff you don’t believe in?

sarahs wants to know “Why?”

I think I have seen things like this myself and it is slightly disturbing.

I agree with Sarah that one shouldn’t promote something they don’t believe in. Just because it looks cool, does that mean you should use it? No. Figure out what it means and then if you actually support the real thing, then wear the logo, promote the product.

I am in no way saying that it isn’t good that people think religious/etc symbols are cool, I just don’t understand why you would promote it if you don’t actually believe it yourself.

Look at the Not of this World logo as an example.


I know people who thought that was cool and wanted to get one for their truck because it looked cool. Many thought this was the logo for a band or something. Fortunately, all those that I know of who eventually found out what it stood for decided against promoting it because they didn’t believe.

I can’t think of a better example than the one Sarah had: would you wear the swastika just because it looked cool?