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New Semester

OK, so things got busy and I kept putting off writing. What can I say? I think the biggest problem was that I was working late so I always opted to go straight to bed.

Last weekend was the Best Foot Forward recital. By now, you should have all seen the pictures of lauren in the rack. She didn’t like it, but it gave the rest of us a good laugh. Eventually, she’ll look back on it like the time she was taped to a chair and laugh at it. Maybe. Hopefully? Batch and Chad were loopy as usual, although I think they went way over and above this year with the lights. One guy yelled about how loud it was. Batch set off the fire alarm during the last number of the Saturday afternoon show. (This was after setting it off Friday night and earlier Satuurday morning.) The evening show went fine because Chad broke the hazer, at least that is my story.

Sunday we were stuck at the Bob all day for North Coast and then Mostly Mozart. Mozart was a pain in the butt! Normally our orchestra shows are cake, but these guys wanted the world (and that is their right I guess). We added the strip lights to try and counter the shadows from the down light on the shells. We had to call in Floate and promote Batch to lighting because they wanted the lights to change during the show… Other than the extra work on a day when we were all tired, it went pretty well.

On Monday, Chad and I loaded in FHS Drama. Flo didn’t seem to have a clue how she wanted the set built. A couple hours later, and too many revisions to count, we had the thing somewhat together. We had to get creative when we realized that our bolts weren’t long enough. And then we had to get even more creative when we realized that other bolts were too long. Then we finally ended up with no bolts and Chad found some all threads to save the day. Looking back on the whole thing: It would have been cheaper and easier to get Wenger stage decks with the right size legs! Anyway, the day was long and all sorts of fun.

I remember there being something funny that happened that day, but I can’t remember what it was. Anyone remember? I do remember that during rehearsal, I was still around and I started cleaning the booth. It was after I cleaned that we realized that I had just cleaned the booth on Flo’s dime, and better yet: I was in overtime! That’s how it always needs to be.

Tuesday was my first day of school. It was hard to get up that first morning and get going, but I got out of the house by five. Traffic was about normal; I got there by 6:30. My Organizational Behavior class was first up for the day. This is the class where the teacher has some weird group activities (the first one of which has a question about what your major is — in a business major class, at CSUF where the business program is impacted, so you have to be a business major to take the class). After listening to the teacher, it sounds like it could be a good class. He is a consultant for a couple hospitals and makes good money telling them to do stuff they already knew they should be doing, like talking to their employees and other stupid stuff.

Operational Management is my second class of the day. The teacher for this one used to work for FedEx, along with a decent list of other companies. It seems like it should be a good class as well. Then I have the second half of Business Statistics. This is going to probably be my “fun” class of the semester. I can already tell. We had to buy a 400 something page lecture notebook and the teacher yelled at me when I wasn’t taking notes. He gave me this attitude about not taking them. So what if I don’t want to take notes? Maybe you’re telling us stuff that is plainly obvious in the textbook. Maybe I’d rather listen to you instead of dumbly copy what you’re saying? Maybe I’d rather just not come to class and go get some Fudds…

I had been planning on walking to In-n-Out for lunch. It’s not exactly across the street, but it isn’t that far away either. I figured it was probably about a mile away. But then I got to thinking that if I was willing to walk two miles, then that was probably going to be a lot longer than walking from the A lot. It was at this point that I decided that I would never have a better day than that day to find out exactly how much time I needed to get to Fudds and back. The getting to Fudds, eating and back part was quick: About 45 minutes! Of course, I hadn’t realized that it wasn’t going to be possible to park in the A lot because it was full. (Normally, there are spots available, just nobody wants to park there because it is a long walk to the center of campus (about 10 minutes)).  I drove around the parking garage figuring I had time to waste. I couldn’t find anything there except for lots of people driving around looking for spots. Then it was off to the A lot where I figured for sure I would find something. What I found was stack parking! I guess I could have left my truck there with the parking pros, but I didn’t quite feel too comfortable leaving them with such a big vehicle; I don’t think they could  have parked a Miata. I started getting worried as my time was running out. I drove back around to the other side of campus where I normally park. I pulled down a row, waited for about a minute nervously and then a miracle occurred: A car backed out and gave me a spot!

After lunch I have Accounting Information Systems. This looks like it should be another fun filled class… Good thing I have a break between Statistics and this one! I’ll hold back commenting on this class for a while. To finish up the day I have Intermediate Accounting (Acct 301A). This is my only class that is not in Langsdorf Hall, so I was happy to get out of the building. The teacher seems a little odd, but I think he is going to be a good teacher.

I found one big problem this semester. As opposed to last semester when all of my classes had wifi in them, only one does, and it is the one in the freaking computer lab! I was very disappointed, so this could make for some long classes, or a good excuse to buy some extra batteries for my treo.

To top the whole day off, when I got out at 3:45 guess what I found. Bumper to bumper traffic until about Tom’s farms. Woo hoo! I get to sit in it to school and home! I think it is actually worse on the way home. I may have to experiment with staying late, but I think I’d have to stay for at least four hours to save myself anything, and I’m just not sure that is worth it. It would also make for one heck of a long day.

Wednesday morning I worked on catching up on business stuff after working at the Bob so much recently and being at school on Tuesday. I captured some video tapes for Greg and then had to fight my computer to compress them to DVD. (I’m still fighting it for the next two tapes!) Wednesday afternoon/evening I was at the Bob for drama rehearsal which was just the highlight of my day. Flo apparently hurt herself the night before when she tripped over the wagon for the door. From what I’m told, the lights were on, and the wagon was clearly taped out with red tape, but she managed to trip over it anyway. Well, because she was hurting pretty bad, she didn’t show up for rehearsal and I wouldn’t let the students in without her there. After a couple hours, I was asked to talk with her on the phone. She tells me that she is going to call Tom Anthony if I don’t let the students in. I told her to go ahead and call him. I told her to have Tom call my boss, Chad, and then when Chad called me I would be happy to let the students in, assuming that was the word I had received. Flo didn’t seem to like that, but she tried to stir up as much trouble as she could it seemed. (Not that I blame her, I’d be angry if my students couldn’t rehearse either, but it is the rule, the same rule that we have always gone by.) Eventually I got a call from Chad that said that  Chet said it was going to be OK for one of the adults to take responsibility for the day. They got their two hours of rehearsal in, and I got some reading done.

Thursday I was back at school. Nothing too crazy to report from the second day though. I didn’t venture off campus for lunch, instead I tried to survive on my personal pepperoni pizza from Round Table in the food court. After lunch I finally found the pasta place that I had been trying to find for a while. Their website said that they were located on the patio, and I looked and looked for them out on the ground floor patio. Finally I found them, in the underground! They do have a patio down there, it is just 20 feet lower than I was expecting to look. I’m going to give them a try next week, unless of course Promack decides to come and rescue me with real food!

Friday morning I went over to Brand’s to take care of some stuff and then spent the rest of the day taking care of other business. Later in the afternoon I headed to the Bob for a drama show, which went relatively well. I stopped by GT on my way in to drop off some cables that had arrived earlier and to see how things were going. The place is looking really good. Most of the big stuff is done now, I think most of the rest of it is going to be up to the garden crew. The speakers arrived earlier in the week, so now we are just waiting on the panels and the rack.

Saturday I finally got to sleep in. Well, till seven or so. It was a fairly relaxing day as the only thing I had to do was a wedding in the afternoon. The wedding went well and I even had Sherri try out the new IEM that we are planning on using for Arbor Terrace. She said that she liked it. I let her take the ears home to try out the different fittings and I think she was also going to try the PSM at church to see how it worked there.

This morning Batch, Floate and I did North Coast. Everything went well. Batch, Chad and I got a bunch of stuff added to the store this morning. Batch and Chad really did most of the work, I just added a bunch of similar products that I could just copy and change some info on (snakes). Batch added Aviom and some other stuff while Chad kept working away at American DJ.

After NCC I came home, ate lunch and then was planning on going to Temecula YSA ward, but I realized that I was out of time so I just started working on homework. It was probably good that I didn’t go because even though i spent all afternoon reading, I have barely made a dent in my reading list.

Ussher came over tonight and we did some quick edits on a couple songs. I think this was the easiest editing session I’ve ever had. She has the system down now so I think that is the biggest help. She wasn’t set on where she wanted edits, so she just gave rough areas where she wanted things cut and I made it all work.

Wow! I think that my fingers are about to fall off! Well, it is past my bedtime now, so I’m going to try and get some sleep. Good night to all and to all a goodnight!

Frivolous Lawsuits

oulair.com: one messed up world

So some guy is suing Apple because he feels that the iPod could cause hearing loss. Yes, you got that right… COULD CAUSE hearing loss. He hasn’t suffered any. He just want’s to get rich because it is technically possible for him and others to suffer! What is this world coming too?

Isn’t hearing damage dependent on amount of use? I mean, if I wanted to listen to my iPod loud for one song, that isn’t going to damage my hearing as much as if I listened to it the whole day at the same volume. Apple (and others) can’t possibly be expected to take responsibility for how users choose to abuse their products.

So does that mean that I can sue QSC or Crown if I hook up headphones to the output of one of their pro audio amplifiers? Or, for that matter, can we sue Bose, Yamaha, JBL, EV, etc because they make speakers that can produce more than 85 db?

I guess that means I can sue people who make bull horns, air horns, buzzers, alarms and many more too… How about we sue the police department when they pull us over because their siren was too loud? Even better, we should stop the fire truck while they are in route to the fire because their siren might damage my hearing if I was stuck to the front of the truck!