Frivolous Lawsuits one messed up world

So some guy is suing Apple because he feels that the iPod could cause hearing loss. Yes, you got that right… COULD CAUSE hearing loss. He hasn’t suffered any. He just want’s to get rich because it is technically possible for him and others to suffer! What is this world coming too?

Isn’t hearing damage dependent on amount of use? I mean, if I wanted to listen to my iPod loud for one song, that isn’t going to damage my hearing as much as if I listened to it the whole day at the same volume. Apple (and others) can’t possibly be expected to take responsibility for how users choose to abuse their products.

So does that mean that I can sue QSC or Crown if I hook up headphones to the output of one of their pro audio amplifiers? Or, for that matter, can we sue Bose, Yamaha, JBL, EV, etc because they make speakers that can produce more than 85 db?

I guess that means I can sue people who make bull horns, air horns, buzzers, alarms and many more too… How about we sue the police department when they pull us over because their siren was too loud? Even better, we should stop the fire truck while they are in route to the fire because their siren might damage my hearing if I was stuck to the front of the truck!