Daily Archives: 2/11/2006

Week Two

Well, I seem to have managed to survive week number two of the semester so far. I even survived eating on campus twice this week, but I think I am going to give in to temptation on Monday and head to Fudds!

Monday I did some computer stuff for Brand. I think I am finally done with my to¬† do list for there, at least for now. I spent the rest of the day doing homework and trying to get some paperwork done for CBC. Monday night was the football banquet/awards thing at the Bob which was all sorts of fun. The timing Chad had wasn’t quite on and we got to sit there for a while before it started. Then we found out that it was going much later than expected. Fortunately, Chad was nice enough to stay for the end and let me go home and get to sleep at a decent time.

Tuesday morning I found out about a fire near 241 that closed the freeway. It, of course, impacted traffic on the 91 and elsewhere so it made the morning commute extra long. For lunch I finally found and tried the pasta place. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it wasn’t bad either. They just have one kind of pasta – shells and then you get to choose marinara or alfredo sauce for it. I think they also do daily specials and such. One really can’t complain for the number of people that they must put through there during lunch and the price was fairly reasonable too: $6.50 for the pasta, a salad, drink and a piece of bread. After school I rushed back to Fallbrook for a counseling event. Traffic was bad, up to the 241 but seemed to be better after there than normal. I made it back with some time to spare and even decided to go get the mail.

It seemed like Chad wasn’t being told any of the right information on timing this week because we had another problem Tuesday night. Chad was told they were going to be there at 6, so when I showed up at 5:45 and there were a bunch of people standing outside, I was a little worried. Apparently, they were planning on starting at 6, but I guess that was a miscommunication between the counselors. They had been installing new railings by the handicapped seats and made a mess with water, so I had a bunch of people asking me what had happened. To top things off, the projector decided it didn’t want to work after being on for a couple minutes. Fortunately, I was able to get it hooked up to the church’s projector fairly quickly. I also had to run around and get the stair lights turned back on cause I could just see someone falling on the one day we didn’t have the lights on.

Wednesday morning I cut some dance music and then worked on homework all day long. Even after working on it all day I didn’t get everything done. It looks like it is going to end up being a tough semester.

School didn’t go much different on Thursday. I had some more pasta for lunch and went to the library to try and get some emails taken care of before heading back to class. After school on Thursday I went over to Ontario to pick up the new mix rack for GT. Rey either never got my email, or didn’t relay to the crew that I was coming to pick it up, so they weren’t expecting me and didn’t quite have it ready. Fortunately, they were willing to help me out and get it all set at the last minute for me. (It just needed to be cleaned and put together.)

After sitting in more traffic (it took me just as long to get to Ontario from Fullerton as it normally does to get home), I finally got to Temecula and I met the boys (Batch, Ryan, Floate) and Lindsay for dinner at Outback. It was good and I left stuffed with my doggie bag. While I was driving to dinner I finally got to talk with Allison! I found out she is getting married in August and it sounds like she is doing very well. She is taking the year off from BYUI but taking one heck of a load of classes at a JC in NorCal.

I spent Friday morning just going through the mail and trying to get everything into the computer/dealt with. I also spend about a half hour on the phone with Quickbooks talking about new features, namely possible new support for quantity pricing. Ryan and I also talked about buying PA for upcoming shows, but after looking seriously at the costs, I can’t justify it until we are doing about 12 rentals a year at least.

Friday afternoon was the high school talent show, replacing airbands. It was actually a good show. I was really surprised with the number of piano numbers in the show and I later suggested that Josh try something like Grand Pianos Live if there is enough interest.

I spent this morning dealing with more mail and business paperwork stuff that had to be done. I paid a bunch of bills and tried to make our FUTA tax balance. I finally gave up when I got it within a dollar.

This afternoon Chad and I recorded the Miss San Marcos voice overs at the Bob. I kept it easy this year and just pumped one C3000 into the Firepod into a mono Peak file. It sounded like they could have benefited from a compressor, but I think they will work out OK without it.

This evening I broke from my Roswell tradition and watched Herbie: Fully Loaded. I thought it was awesome. I loved that little car! Did you see KITT in the opening titles? I’m really running out of good movies to watch… Anyone have any suggestions?

iTunes Rating/Bias

Here is an interesting article about iTunes ratings and how the play higher rated songs more often feature works.


I knew that the ratings were stored as 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 before (although I don’t remember why), but I had certainly never thought about using that knowledge to set half stars, even though I had wished it was possible before.

Does the new “hidden” support for half stars mean that Apple is going to start supporting more rating levels? I guess on the bright side, it is nice to see that Apple is always thinking ahead (by storing the ratings on a 100 scale instead of a 5 scale).

RFID Implants

So imagine someday you’re applying for a job. You’ve had the interview and it went well. You get a call telling you that they want you to start work and they want to know when they can schedule you to go in for your RFID Implant!

Apparently a company is testing out RFID implants in humans to control access to a datacenter. Supposedly it is not a condition of employment, but it certainly seems to me like it would be required if you want to gain access to the datacenter.