Daily Archives: 2/15/2006

Busy, busy, busy

North Coast went well on Sunday, at least there were no major problems to report. We did kind of discover an interesting way of possibly adding another eight channels to the MH2 audio console at the Bob though. It looks like you can use the Group/Aux sends as inputs as well as outputs. Some of our high quality patch cables don’t seem to break the normals on the patch bays so we were feeding the send from Aux 7 back into Aux 1 because Aux 7 was patched to Aux Amp 1 (which is normalled to Aux 1). Even though both patch points were connected, audio was coming across and feeding the effects unit and back feeding the console. It took Batch and I a while to figure that one out! (We never actually tried assigning the group to the mains to see if you could actually use them as inputs, but it would certainly seem possible.)

After NCC I had a wedding at the GT. It was on the warm side out there, but I made it through. After the wedding I got back into my reading for school before calling it quits and watching The Polar Express. I wasn’t all that impressed with the movie. I would say that the book was better, but I can’t honestly remember reading the book. I would say that the movie was good for kids and such, but I think I went into it expecting more from it.

Monday morning I took Matthew to school and then was just about to sit down to do some reading at the Bob before I got a call from GT. They wanted to talk about the new mix rack. Scott didn’t seem too happy about it’s overly large size and was curious what our options were for making it smaller. I later sent him about four options of what could be done, and I think he has decided to try what we have for now, and maybe buy another rack for the tent if we use it a lot over there.

Then I went back to the school to edit music for performance dance. It was an easy one this time, which is always nice.

Yesterday school went fine. I’m starting to think that this could actually be a good semester. I’m actually enjoying some of my reading material for class and getting some good ideas to hopefully implement a couple years from now when I am running a big enough company to actually implement them!

On campus dining is getting old. I wasn’t really feeling the pasta, but pizza sounded good. Fortunately, we have a Round Table Pizza on campus, but of course those personal pan pizzas just aren’t quite enough to cut it for a long day at school. So, I decided I would get two of them. My total was like $9 something out the door with a water. That’s like a half pound burger at Fudds, a salad, a brownie and a couple cookies! Yeah, needless to say that I am seriously thinking about venturing off campus again tomorrow.

I’m hoping now that we are past the drop deadline that there are less people on campus and therefore I will be able to find a parking spot when i come back from lunch. I don’t really mind walking if that’s what has to happen, I just want to be able to park easily. I did notice as I was leaving on Tuesday that it looked like there were quite a few open parking spots, and the campus actually felt really barren on Tuesday as well. Maybe everyone was just sick.

Speaking of being sick, I am fairly certain that Matthew got me, and the rest of the family as well, sick. I think it is just a cold, but I hate being sick!

Today I tried to get a lot of homework done, but it just didn’t seem to be working out very well for me. I started the day with a meeting with the Football Boosters who want me to take care of their website this year. I told them sure, so now I’ve got to get someone going on some graphic design or something…

Then I was supposed to edit some dance music, but the girl said she was missing one of the required CDs. Oh well! I did end up meeting with Josh about renting ASB’s PA for some upcoming shows and he sounded very interested.

When I finally got home I tried to take care of the urgent emails/phone calls quickly, but it was after lunch before I finally got around to actually doing some school work. Fortunately, I was able to get through all of the reading that I had to get done and I got the written assignments done as well. Now I’m only about a day behind in all of my classes… I’m trying to keep up, but it only looks like it is going to be harder and harder with the schedules I have in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of upcoming schedules: Install at GT on Monday if anyone is interested in helping out. Batch and I will be there; we’ll welcome any other help we can get. (CBC employees who actually work will of course be paid.)

While my brother is already starting to enjoy his five day weekend, I’m looking ahead and wondering when I’m going to get to sleep… We have Rainbow Connection, North Coast, GT Install and then wham it’s Tuesday and I’m back in school. I need a secretary! Oh yeah, and Alison is supposed to be “home” this weekend…

I’ve been watching a lot of Roswell lately. I think I just watched episode 1-09, “heat wave.” This episode was a little wacky, but I have enjoyed the rest. It’s no 24 though.

Speaking of 24, I downloaded this weeks episode this afternoon, but I think I am going to call it quits after this one. I think I might be able to hold off until the DVD comes out and then watch the rest of the season back to back.

MacBook Pro Now Shipping!

I came across the news today that Apple has officially begun shipping MacBook Pros to customers. I guess this means that if you were one of the first to place an order, you could potentially be seeing one soon. If you haven’t ordered one yet, the store is quoting 3-4 weeks before shipping.

For people like me though, this means that the waiting is only getting that much harder. You see, I haven’t ordered one yet because I’m anxiously awaiting a 17″ model. Hopefully Apple will release the 17 before my current one bites the dust, which I’m worried is coming up rather quickly.

I am very anxious to see the reviews from people who get their MacBooks and even more I am anxiously waiting to find out about dual booting Windows on the MacBook. Being able to run Windows natively on my laptop would greatly increase the speed at which Quickbooks runs, at least I would hope so.

Maybe it is time for a trip to the Apple Store to go check these babies out in person!