Daily Archives: 2/16/2006

Technorati Tags

I’ve been trying to really get a good grasp on Technorati Tags this evening.

I understand that they are like keywords for blogs and all that. I understand that my WordPress Categories automatically become Tags and that I can add Tags easily if I don’t want to make categories, which I guess answers in some way my first question.

Am I supposed to make a category for everything that I could possibly talk about? I could probably fill up 100 keywords for most of my entries, and that might not even include varieties of the words (i.e. blog vs. blogs, weblog, weblogs).

Clearly I can’t make a category for everything. I tried playing with subcategories, but I don’t think they would work out in a nice clean way. I guess this is really where the tags come in, they let you create dynamic categories.

OK, then, but why do I need to go through the hassel of coding my entries for keywords/tags when Google indexes my posts and makes them searchable? Heck, Google even lets you setup an RSS feed based off a search, so for example I could search for 24 and then add this to my reader to stay up on the 24 news. Of course, Google would find any entry that mentioned 24, not just the television series, so maybe I picked a bad example, or maybe not. Tags may solve the 24 problem, but then consider Roswell, or Alias. The tag Roswell, probably has more to do with the town than the television series. Alias might have a very weak connection to the show. So now again, it sounds like Google has the best solution where I can do an advanced search to narrow down the results.

Can anyone help shed some light for me please?

I Hate Being Sick

Ok, this cold is officially trying to kill me. I hate not being able to breathe, and it seems that I keep trying to loose my voice as well. Not having a voice makes it really hard to get class participation points!

We broke up into groups this morning in Operational Behavior. Our group didn’t seem to interested in doing much, so as soon as we got the required stuff done, it was head out, see you later.

In Operations Management, we all learned a very important life lesson: Apparently pretty much all milk is created equal brand-wise. Our professor used to work at a dairy and he said that they get milk from so many different places that there is no substantial difference between any of the dairies, except for Altadena. According to him, Altadena only takes milk from their cows (or cows somehow under their control) that are basically more organic than the rest of the bunch. The moral of the story: Buy whatever is cheapest, unless you want the Altadena organic milk.

We had a quiz in Statistics which I know I didn’t do so well on. After I finished the test, I started second guessing myself and somehow convinced myself that I should have used the z table instead of the t table. Fortunately, I only got about half of my answers changed before time ran out. Moral of this story: Don’t second guess yourself!

I decided to venture off campus for lunch today. I almost convinced myself to give Carl’s Jr. a try, but Fudds was just calling my name, and I had $5 in Fudd Bucks to use before the end of the month. (I still have one card left.) My burger was a little overcooked, but other than that everything was great. I really enjoyed by cream cheese brownie. I made it back to campus with plenty of time to spare, but I still couldn’t find a spot. After going through all the lots, I went back to my normal spot and waited for class to get out. Surprisingly, I was even able to make it to class close enough to not consider myself late.

Here, I saved you a piece of my brownie:


Now it is time for my stupid question of the day. Why is it than whenever you get out of a lane, behind a car, to pass them, they suddenly decide it is time to speed up? Then, as soon as you get back in line behind them, they slow back down. What’s up with that? I had this BMW that I had been following for miles that I finally decided it was time to pass around Murrieta, but as soon as I moved to the #2 lane, he sped up (at least 80) so that I couldn’t get around him. I moved back to the #1 lane and he slowed back down to 70! I tried again, and got the same treatment. Finally I decided I wasn’t going to stand for that, and I decided to put my engine to good use. Pedal to the medal and a quick trip to the #3 lane and then back again to the #1 lane and he was toast.

I got off at Mission Road in Fallbrook and found a long line of cars waiting to turn. By this time I was really getting fed up with traffic, so I decided I’d take Live Oak Park to Reche. Well, there was a Jaguar in line in front of me to turn. Let’s just say that I tried to keep up, but it just wasn’t a fair race… Ryan: I don’t know how you handle driving to LA as often as you do. I don’t think I could take it!

I watched episode 8 of 24 tonight, the one where the terrorists try to set off the gas in a mall. It was good, but I think it is time to stop watching and wait for the DVDs. I can tell that I’m loosing interest with the long delays between episodes. There was a scene which I thought looked like Pasadena, but when I called Susan in for further inspection, she thought she recognized it from downtown. Either way, it looked familiar.

After 24, I switched over to an episode of Roswell (Season 1, Episode 10). The show seems to be getting a little weird on me now, but I’ll keep watching to see where it take me. I was thinking while watching it that it is interesting how they seem to keep relating the aliens to how everyone feels different. I am interested to see where the story-line eventually takes us.

iChat Virus

Mac users beware. I guess it has finally come around to the time when you have to start thinking with your brain before clicking on random .tgz files sitting on your computer.

Sophos is reporting that there is a virus going around that is being spread via iChat. I didn’t seem to catch what it does, other than spread itself, but it unfortunatley looks like the time has come…

Damn all those switchers! Damn Apple for making such a good product! 🙂

Linux on iMac

Ok, so I’m not really sure who needs to run Linux on the iMac, but I guess some guys have figured out how to make that work.

Now the real question, aside from why you would need to run linux on a Mac, is when is someone going to get the Windows thing figured out?

Actually, I guess I don’t really want someone to figure it out, or I don’t want it to work out too well, because it if does that will give me just one more reason that I need to run out and get a new MacBook Pro.