Technorati Tags

I’ve been trying to really get a good grasp on Technorati Tags this evening.

I understand that they are like keywords for blogs and all that. I understand that my WordPress Categories automatically become Tags and that I can add Tags easily if I don’t want to make categories, which I guess answers in some way my first question.

Am I supposed to make a category for everything that I could possibly talk about? I could probably fill up 100 keywords for most of my entries, and that might not even include varieties of the words (i.e. blog vs. blogs, weblog, weblogs).

Clearly I can’t make a category for everything. I tried playing with subcategories, but I don’t think they would work out in a nice clean way. I guess this is really where the tags come in, they let you create dynamic categories.

OK, then, but why do I need to go through the hassel of coding my entries for keywords/tags when Google indexes my posts and makes them searchable? Heck, Google even lets you setup an RSS feed based off a search, so for example I could search for 24 and then add this to my reader to stay up on the 24 news. Of course, Google would find any entry that mentioned 24, not just the television series, so maybe I picked a bad example, or maybe not. Tags may solve the 24 problem, but then consider Roswell, or Alias. The tag Roswell, probably has more to do with the town than the television series. Alias might have a very weak connection to the show. So now again, it sounds like Google has the best solution where I can do an advanced search to narrow down the results.

Can anyone help shed some light for me please?