Daily Archives: 2/17/2006

Where to Place a Lav Mic, Rear Projection

Mike North posted this over at PSW and I thought it was just too funny to pass up:

We had a presenter not too long ago who insisted that we attach his lav somewhere around his mid-torso, rather than up around the 2nd button of his shirt. We protested, and his answer was, and I quote:

“If the mic is that high, the audience hears the sound before they hear my words.”

I really wish I could make this sort of thing up. Really, I do.

and then there was:

My experience Bink, is that when setting up delay screens in the house, if rear projected (ideal in most situations) and the projection path is not masked off…invariably some punter will do me the favor of pointing out that the image is backwards on those screens and they can’t read them.

I turned around and kept on mixing (just to keep this on topic) and grabbed the video guy on com to see if I could get a laugh out of him, and he replied “Damn it! I knew something wasn’t right…” And he then apologized to the producer for hanging the screen backwards. I about fell off the FOH riser I was laughing so hard.

-Mikey P