Daily Archives: 2/21/2006

Fortune Cookies

From Roswell a copule days ago, although it popped into my mind the other morning…

(Liz and Max finish their dinner and Liz cracks open her fortune cookie)

LIZ: Ok, this is my favorite part. It says, “this is the best night of your life.”

MAX: Is that really what it says?

LIZ: Well, it’s better than “a broken clock is still right twice a day.”

MAX: You’re right. I like yours better.

LIZ: Ok, let me see yours.

MAX: “Ask a girl to dance with you.”

LIZ: Is that really what it says?

MAX: It depends on your answer.

LIZ: Yes.

MAX: Then that’s really what it says.

LIZ: Ok.

(Max and Liz start dancing)

LIZ: My parents are away for the weekend. They’re at a stargazing camp-out. Something about Venus being in the morning sky.

MAX: I thought she was right in front of me.

Thanks to the crashdown I didn’t even have to type it! I love the Internet!