Daily Archives: 2/28/2006

Last Free Lunch

School has been going. I had midterms in Operational Behavior and Intermediate Accounting last week. I got a 94 on the OB exam, but I haven’t heard yet about the accounting test.

I did a wedding this weekend. I have another three this weekend. It looks like I’ll have a couple more quiet wedding weekends and then we start picking up full force, especially when you consider in Arbor Terrace. Richie won’t commit to doing any weddings now because he seems to think he will be coming home briefly and then going back out to the Ukraine! (See the pictures on his website for a hint.) Keep your eyes open for some new staff possibilities.

We did a sound check at the tent last weekend and found that we can actually get it fairly loud (85) in the tent without causing too much trouble around, and we can keep it pleasant and make it barely noticeable when necessary. I was glad to hear that; and it may even get better as more plants fill in.

This week I finally decided to try school without a lunch break. So far, I’m really liking it. I went to my accounting class at 11:30 instead of 2:30, so that meant I could leave at 2:15 instead of 3:45! After school, I got gas, drove to Fudds for my last free lunch and then made it home before 4:30 and I didn’t have to sit through much traffic at all! I think I can suffer through a couple hours without lunch to save me all that time.

It was raining this morning, which I personally love, but it made the morning commute just that much worse. I barely made it to class on time – I walked in the door at 7 practically on the dot, whereas I’m normally the first one there at just after 6:30 (and I normally stop to get gas on the way in).

Happy Birthday to Batch today… We’ll have to go throw a big birthday party for all the birthdays coming up…

Good night!