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Fuddruckers Temecula?

I heard a rumor yesterday that they are building a Fuddruckers in Temecula, although I have been unable to find anything suppoting this claim. The closest thing I could find was that they are building a Charo Chicken in Temecula, and Fuddruckers was mentioned in the article.

And yes… I should rename my blog to the Fuddruckers Blog…

Arbor Terrace Dry Run

Tonight was the vendor appreciation party at GT’s new Arbor Terrace venue. The place has really come together beautifully and everyone – staff, vendors, design – did an awesome job on this venue in an incredibly short amount of time. The opening night/dry run went very well in my opinion. I guess there are some behind the scenes things that need to be worked out, but everything I saw was great. If you’re looking for a venue to get married at, consider Grand Tradition’s Arbor Terrace.

After Church o’ Bob this morning, and Dominick’s (of course) — and getting yelled at by Nicole and Sophe for bringing Amanda a sandwich but not them — I got to GT plenty early and got my stuff setup in just a couple minutes. The big rack isn’t that hard to push or pull up the hill and makes setup quick and easy – especially without a keyboard… I think I need to make a big case like that for the keyboard to save some of the trips. I changed out the gels in the tent – and made a good sunset look on the back windows. I was done so early that I decided to come home, change and take a shower before the actual event.

After a lot more standing around the event finally started and Don thanked all the people that helped make the venue come to life and then we moved into the tent where there was some more talking and then we started dinner and watched the slideshow of the construction pictures. The projector looked great, the lights looked great, the DJ plugged into our system and said it sounded great, it was just awesome all the way around. After I got the wedding site cleaned up we grabbed dinner and I sat with the McDougals and got waited on by the staff! The chocolate fountain was excellent, and while I’m still partial to the strawberries, the pineapples are really moving up in my book.

. . .

School has been going. Nothing really new to report there, other than it is spring break this week and I’m hoping to catch up and get a lot of stuff done.

Is that Fresh?

So I’m reading in my Operations Management textbook about restaurants that buy food pre-made from other companies (frozen or otherwise) and I happen to stumble upon this little tidbit (p. 179):

Fuddruckers restaurants, known for grinding top-quality hamburger meat in full view of its customers, bake their cookies from the same ready-made, Otis Spunkmeyer Inc. dough that some conveniences stores use to sell cheap by freshly baked cookies.”

I wonder where they get their brownies from…

Good Fudds

Batch and I went out to the new Fudds in Oceanside yesterday for lunch. We got there just after 11 when they opened and it appeared to be just in time. There were only a couple people in line ahead of us, but shortly after we got there the line was out the door.

We ordered and when I went to pay with my gift card I think I broke their entire computer system. They retook our order on paper, along with those orders of the other people currently ordering and then because they had no way of accepting money (and presumably because they just wanted to get us through the line) they just let us go without having to pay anything! And I thought I had already had my last free lunch at Fudds! In any event, it looked like they got the computer system up and running shortly after they took our order so I don’t think we permanently broke it.

Here are some pictures of the new restaurant:


The food was great as usual. My brownie even tasted better than usual, which is hard to imagine.

Maybe we’ll have to go back for lunch again tomorrow…

Fuddruckers Oceanside

It’s official.

Fuddruckers in Oceanside opens in less than one day! According to the NCTimes, the doors are scheduled to open at 11 o’clock on Monday morning.

I think Batch and I will be there. Will you?

P.S. I thought it was pretty sweet that my blog is the second link when you search for fuddruckers oceanside on google.

Another Year Older

How does the saying go: Another year older, another year wiser? Maybe, but maybe we shouldn’t get into that either…

I got my accounting exam back on Thursday. If I recall correctly I got a 91. I had an exam in my AIS class, so I got off campus at 1:30 and I was actually home at a decent time! I’m hoping I can keep this up…

Friday I took my car in to get two new tires and an oil change. Chad was kind enough to pick me up and take me to the Bob where I cut music and we installed a new CD player for Georgie. After lunch with Batch at La we went back to Temecula got my truck and then I was off to play computer doctor.

Then, I went down to see Riley (performing in Cinderella) at the Bob, watch the show and hopefully see some other people, like Miss Alanna and I was surprised to see Kristin as the step-mother, but she really fit the role. Anyway, I love that girl… both her and Alanna performed beautifully and I think really helped carry a lot of the “supporting” roles. They were both so full of energy when many of the others were just there performing their required roles. The show was great, and we even enjoyed some Dove dark chocolates… I even missed working the show.

I had two weddings at GT on Saturday, both of which went well. I decided that it was time to just start leaving stuff setup between the weddings which makes life really easy and gives me a longer break. It felt like it had been a long time since we had done a wedding, but I think the process is slowly coming back. 🙂 Between weddings I finished playing computer doctor for Jeff and finally got to verify that Carol’s VPN tunnel works from her house.

This morning was North Coast as usual. Alan showed up so we got to talking about projects and how things are going. Maybe they’ll get on the monitors or something there. I got to learn about the Sennheiser Evolution wireless mics in order to spec a frequency for him as well. We had to kick the church out this afternoon in order to get CYT in there for a 1 o’clock show. Batch, Bouse, Pyro, Matt, the band members and I kicked butt and got the band cleared off the stage by 12:05, a new record!

That started the hurry up and wait game while I waited for the church to finish getting out of the rest of the classrooms. It gave me time to say hi to CYT folk and give Riley some more Doves to get her through the next show. I finally got out of there, grabbed my usual Dominick’s and then it was wedding time.

Pat managed to get her email full of a couple thousand mail daemon failure notices as it looks like someone has decided to use their main email address to send out spam. I had a fun time going through and trying to get that stuff to disappear, of which I’m sure I will continue tomorrow. Other than the email problems, the wedding went well.

So I keep hearing that we need to get together and do something for the birthdays. Any suggestions for making something happen with everyones’ busy schedules? Yeah… that’s what I thought… Come on, offer up your suggestions. Otherwise nothing is ever going to happen.

On the brite side of things this year: I wasn’t pulled out on stage to have 500 people sing happy birthday to me, and I didn’t have to clean up a mess in my truck (although my truck is a mess and it probably could use a good cleaning).