Daily Archives: 4/26/2006

17″ MacBook Pro – No Comparison

As most of us know already, Apple this week introduced a 17″ MacBook Pro.

James Derk of Scripps Howard News Service, thinks it too expensive and that you can get a couple of decent Dells for the price. This is probably true. You could also get a couple iBooks for the price.

MacDailyNews got intrigued by the comment that they decided to try and build a Dell laptop to match the MacBook Pro.

They came up with the same conclusion I try to push to people everyday: The Dell is way more expensive! The 17″ MacBook Pro is $2799. The closest Dell comparison (which involves a lot of work to make) is $4,008! Ouch! Pay a lot more and you don’t get the ability to run the best operating system, you’re stuck with Windows. The Dell weighs a couple pounds more and is quite a bit thicker.

Bottom line: Buy the Mac. Get the best.