Daily Archives: 6/10/2006

Examination in Writing Proficiency

So last Saturday I had to go to Fullerton to take this stupid Examination in Writing Proficiency which is required of students who are at least juniors and wish to graduate at some point in their life from Cal State Fullerton. So after wasting the hour plus driving up there, an hour plus waiting on campus and waiting for them to actually administer the test and all that stuff, I finally got to actually write. I wrote  two or three pages (handwritten with big spaces between the lines) on the required subject, requiring community service in high school and college. This took me no more than a half an hour and then I was out the door and driving home again. So after wasting a Saturday morning, and $30 or whatever it costs me in gas to get there and back, I finally found my results this evening:

We are pleased to report that you have passed the Examination in Writing Proficiency (EWP). The Office of Admissions and Records has been notified of your results. No further action is required regarding the examination portion of the University’s upper division writing requirement.

Congratulations on your EWP test results, and best wishes as you continue your studies at Cal State Fullerton!

Now here is the real question I have: Why couldn’t they have pulled one of the bazillion essays I’ve written for classes, either formal papers or essay exams? Why did I have to drive to Fullerton on a Saturday to take this stupid test that you should be able to pass without blinking an eye? What’s even funnier is that you have to take a writing test before you can take an English class. Couldn’t they have this entrance test serve two purposes – if you scored above a certain mark, make it so that you don’t have to take the second exam? Maybe they could put this into the curriculum of some required class – like English or Political Science? At the least they could offer it on a day when one might actually already be on campus!
I really wish I could have written about how stupid schools are, or at least the mass transit prompt.

Oh well, at least I can check one more thing off my list of things to do so that I can get the heck out of that stupid school!