Daily Archives: 6/29/2006

What to do on a Thursday Evening?

Well, really it was more like an afternoon and evening…

I found out around 3 o’clock this afternoon that Telex/EV was doing a Midnight Madness sale today.

So far we’ve only got a couple mics at a damn good deal, but yes, I have been sitting here since 3. And no, I’m not the only one… pyro and Chad have been watching for most of the time too!

Finally around 9 o’clock, Pyro, Chad and I are all in a text chat talking about the sale and what we were dreaming we had bought so far:

Chad Costanzo: so do we just have the mics?
Scott Chester: that’s all i’ve ordered
Chad Costanzo: i ordered the line array
Scott Chester: and if we don’t buy anything else, i might call and get a few of the other mics
Scott Chester: sweet
Chad Costanzo: 6 grand i got it for
Scott Chester: going to be here in time for the 4th?
Scott Chester: so we can cancel lane?
Chad Costanzo: nope
Chad Costanzo: and no amps
Scott Chester: so we just need to get 2 xl4s then
Chad Costanzo: yea baby
Scott Chester: something current
Nathaniel Pitcher: yeah, really
Nathaniel Pitcher: 4ch comp
Nathaniel Pitcher: this is sad… it’s like QVC for Audio Geeks!
Scott Chester: lol
Chad Costanzo: in slow motion
Scott Chester: that was awesome!

Leave it to Pyro!

And so far we still haven’t seen a shout-out for CBC!