Daily Archives: 3/2/2007

Thnk Dif

I went to the DMV this morning and got my personalized plates transferred to my new car. The process wasn’t all that bad, and took less than 45 minutes once I got there. It still amazes me that we can’t do something like that online, maybe in a few years. It also annoys me that one can’t get a refund of the fees paid, or at least apply them to a different vehicle.

The office was fairly quiet today, which helped me get some things done. Of course I’m not caught up yet, but I was happy with what got done today. I found out that Pyro was diagnosed with Shingles this morning. I hope that he has a speedy recovery and he can maybe use the time to get some other things in order.

I went to GT this afternoon to fly the projector for tomorrow’s wedding. I also took care of getting the new iPod hooked up in the rack in the grand hall. I bet Scott won’t know what to do if he walks in and sees that I actually, finally did something with it! I got to talk with Amanda for a while too before leaving for CYT. I was surprised to see all the staff in black vests – I guess they really are getting away from the maroon.

CYT tonight went fairly well. We tried to rig a palm tree, but ran out of time and couldn’t find all the materials to do it anyway. During the show, I was able to get about 3/4 of the way through the part of my tax class that I missed this week, so that was good. I also found out that I got an 87 (A-) on the exam! That is about what I was figuring I would get. Now I’m just curious to find out what questions I missed.

Kortney gave me some advice for the case for my management class, so hopefully I can work on my part of the project tomorrow and get it out of the way. Now I think it is time for bed so that I can get an early start on my long list of projects for tomorrow.