Daily Archives: 3/3/2007

Chores, Wedding and Homework

Today was fairly quiet. I was able to get the driveway blown off, my car washed and vacuumed, the vacuum cleaned out, my hair cut and some other cleaning done this morning. I even had some time to work on the JetBlue case and had some time to read for my leadership class. And all of that before I went to GT for a wedding early this afternoon! I was seriously impressed with myself.

The wedding went well, other than the clergy was a little long winded and the bride and groom wouldn’t face each other for their vows. I came home and got working on more homework. I actually made it through my government accounting homework and got everything to balance! Unfortunately, I still have a lot of homework to do tomorrow evening, but I’m happy to have gotten some out of the way.

What an exciting life I lead huh? I tried to track down my valentine to see what she was doing and find out if we were still on for our breakfast date tomorrow morning, but my Lauren must be lost.