Daily Archives: 3/4/2007

Murrieta Again

Nothing really too exciting to report today. I made it back up to the Murrieta Branch today, but only for Fast & Testimony meeting as I had (still have) tons of homework to do. I actually was able to get a good dent done so far this weekend, but it looks like we still have quite a bit to go on the JetBlue case and I still have a few other things to do before Tuesday and Wednesday roll around.

Batch and I were able to get the new domain controller up and running this morning for GT. We’re going to take it over there and see if it does the job. It certainly should be able to handle it, and I for one will be happy that they have some better security in place. Maybe we can finally check that off the list and work on the next thing!

I’m hoping this week is fairly quiet so that I can get the taxes done. Of course, I hope we are busy making sales and all that, I just hope that there is enough time to get everything done so that I can actually fill out the tax forms.

Keep praying for Pyro – I haven’t heard or seen anything from him, so he must be out good.

ShOffice & Camry

It’s nothing special, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a picture of the new (well it was new in November/December), shoffice and my new Camry. Kelly (Chad’s wife) came up with the name shoffice as we sometimes call it the shop, and sometimes call it the office. If you haven’t seen the inside yet, come on by (but not this week as I’ll be busy doing the corporate taxes).


I know how important it is, and I realize you might not be able to see it in the pictures, so I’ll confirm for you that it is there. The Apple sticker is on the top left corner of the rear window. And there is a BYU-Idaho stick on the bottom left/middle.