Daily Archives: 3/8/2007

Windows Domain Fun

I’ve spent most of this week dealing with trying to setup a domain for GT. Batch has been tugging along with me as well. We got Mac Server running and got the domain up on Monday. We got the basics working, but found that users really wanted to be able to travel with their setup, so spent a good amount of time making sure that everything, including their backgrounds would travel with them. Finally on Wednesday, we pretty much had everything going. I was going around to machines and inspecting to make sure everything was working and I was cleaning up the installed printers. All of sudden, one of the computers I had just removed some printers from, would no longer pull network profiles. We tried some things, but couldn’t figure it out. I continued on my trek and we started having the same problems with the next computer. We struggled with it for a while, and I finally decided that after 3 days of working to get the domain setup and working, it was time to admit defeat for now. I don’t know where the problems were coming from, but I know they weren’t fun.

I ordered a copy of Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 today. While I don’t necessarily think the Mac was the total cause of the problems, it probably isn’t helping in some areas. Hopefully this will fix the problems and the domain will work out there like it is supposed to. If not, it looks like we’ll be using the RIS services to reformat a handful of computers! The other cool thing that SBS could offer will be an Exchange server, which could make a lot of our emails problems much easier. I’ll just have to figure out how to make Exchange work for them – which may mean they need to get a static IP for the DSL. I think I can configure it to just check their existing accounts and then hold the mail locally, but it should make roaming easier and would allow them to share contacts and calendars, so it could be a big asset.

Other than that fun, I’m not sure what else has been going on. The computer troubles had kept me out of the office until today, and even kept me from my stress management class yesterday. We got through our first group case analysis for management on Monday, but I still think it was a stupid waste of time. I’m not sure what else to report, so I think I’m going to leave it here and get some sleep!

Apple Fashion Valley Being Renovated

From AppleInsider:

Meanwhile, a tipster notes that the Apple Store Fashion Valley in San Diego, Calif. will be closing for approximately three weeks in the middle of March for remodeling.

As the tipster notes, the store is often ranked among the top 10 Apple retail stores in sales volume. Therefore, it would seem unlikely that the Cupertino-based company would plan any hefty product launches around the same time.

According to the same tipster, the store will open in limited fashion after the three-week partial renovation, then close down once again six weeks later for a final round of renovations (which will also last three weeks).

I wonder what this means to us locals. Maybe they are just going to give it a face lift, or maybe it will be something brand new…