Daily Archives: 3/11/2007

Daylight Savings is Not a Miracle

I must admit that while I’m not a fan of daylight savings, or any of this time change bologna, I think it went over fairly well this morning. I changed my clocks when I got home last night, so I actually got to bed somewhat early. I got up extra early since you can only have two digits and no decimal in the alarm field on the Treo, and I needed to add an extra hour to it, but it gave me some time to get some reading done and get prepared for Church.

Church o’ Bob went well this morning. Batch was out playing hooky or something, so I got the pleasure of doing sound. Aside from setting up the drum mics and the drummer deciding not to play drums, it all went well. We got soundcheck done and out of the way quickly and the whole thing went fairly well. OK, so I forgot to pause the recording CD once the sermon started, but oh well!

I got to play with SBS some more today, got Exchange running and migrated some user settings. The wizards are pretty cool, and I was really happy with the way it joined computers to the domain and copied the settings over. It even added the Exchange account to Outlook (after installing it automatically) and kept a copy of the old personal folders in the new Outlook! This could make for a real simple installation at GT, and I’m thinking that Exchange could solve Brand’s problems as well.

Real church went well also. We talked about miracles in Sunday School. A line from the Bible Dictionary has sat with me since then: “Christianity is founded on the greatest of all miracles, the resurrection of our Lord. If that be admitted, other miracles cease to be improbable.” It also makes me think about the song, Simple Miracles, by Emerson Drive.

(Richard Marx/Gary Harrison)

When I got up this morning, you were still asleep
Then the rain tapped on my window, if reminding me
To make out a list of every single gift
That you give me everyday

It’s a dream that never dies
It’s the wonder if your eyes
It’s the magic in your touch
Every star and every wish
I wake each day and live
A life that’s filled with simple miracles

Sometimes in the madness, I tend to forget
And I take your love for granted
I should hold you close instead
Let me say right now, so there’s no doubt
All the things you are to me


And as time goes by the more that I find
That my life is in much bigger hands than mine