Daily Archives: 3/15/2007

Ten Minutes to Spare

Well a few days have passed, so let’s see what’s happened.

I worked late on Monday and then went to FHE before coming home and trying to get ready for school on Tuesday. We gout our group case back in strategic management; we got an 8 out of 10. I was happy, but we probably could have done better. In Leadership we rehearsed a meeting with role play and did some mock group counseling. It was interesting to see the group dynamics, especially with the participants role playing different parts. For example, there was a follower, reinforcer, negative leader, summarizer, etc. It made me think of some of the meetings I’ve been in before where one can’t actually get accomplished what was set out to be done. I think the test in government went well. It was 40 questions that all seemed fair and fairly easy. It was mainly figuring out journal entries. I guess we’ll find out next week how we did.

Wednesday morning I kept working through getting the books closed for 2006 and got through most of the hard stuff. Fortunately it was fairly quiet, so I was able to get a lot done. In my stress management class we reviewed for the midterm by making up test questions in groups and then putting the group work together and producing a practice test. I will give her credit for an interesting activity, but it was kind of weird. Our professor says that she is going to take one question from each chapter of our sample test and put it on the real exam, so we should be able to get 10% right! In tax we actually finished chapter 15, even though Kortney and I didn’t think it was going to happen. We got off on all sorts of tangents – or maybe rather long side stories – but I guess it keeps class interesting.

I was actually able to get the corporate taxes done and mailed today. I was planning on getting into the office early this morning, but I really only made it there basically on time. I tried to keep the interruptions to a minimum and got the taxes to the post office at 4:50! I wasn’t able to get the reconciliation to balance, so I’m going to attempt that later and file an amended return if I can figure it out! All in all, it wasn’t horrible, but it is never fun giving money away either. I guess that means we just need to spend more of it next year. We actually bought more equipment this year than California would allow us to expense under 179, so that was a first, but it probably won’t be the last.

Aimee came by the office to get some videos done. She looked a little confused at my car and couldn’t believe I got rid of the truck. I still haven’t seen the kid, but I’m sure I’ll have enough time to teach him to be a troublemaker later in life!

Ryan was trying to convince me this morning that I need to plan on participating in graduation ceremonies. I really haven’t been planning on it and don’t see the need or the desire to waste another day of my life at that stupid school. Plus, I’m sure they’ll charge me another $200 for something or other. How about I just get my receipt and get on with my life?