Toyota of Temecula Oil Change Woes

As my car was getting close to needing an oil change about two week ago, I made some calls to find out what it would cost. Originally, I was trying to find out what an express lube type place was going to charge, but was appalled when they told me the price. I then found out that the Camry hybrid needs some kind of “premium” oil. I called a few other places, and found that the local dealership would be the cheapest place.

Chris from Toyota of Temecula originally told me that it would be an hour or two to get the oil changed and that I didn’t need an appointment. I tried to get it changed Thursday afternoon, but they told me they were too backlogged and to come in Friday morning. When I came in Friday morning at around 10, I was told it would be about 3 before it was done. I explained I needed to be on the road by 3. I got a ride to the office and got some stuff done before calling them at 2 asking for a ride back. When I got back, they still hadn’t finished up. I waited to remind them I needed to be on the road, while they were trying to contact me to let me know my car was done. I went to pay for the oil change and after waiting for a few more minutes, the cashier told me that it was going to be another ten minutes because they were just starting to wash it. I told her I was late and needed to go and to have them bring the car out. She didn’t quite get it, so I told her to have them bring the car out wet so that I could go. A minute later I saw my car come flying around the corner and the driver hopped out and I was on the road.

I immediately noticed that something seemed different, aside from them moving my seat and rear view mirror. I realized last night that they had put the wrong oil in the car! Toyota recommends 0w20 or 5w20 for the Camry Hybrid. They had put in 5w30 according to the receipt!

I called toyota of temecula this morning, waited for them to figure out after a few minutes that the manager was out on a road test. The guy I talked to in his place, Rex, said that they only use 5w30 because that’s what the factory recommends and is the only thing they use in all of their vehicles. As I started to drive up to Temecula to meet with the manager in person, I called Toyota of Carlsbad and Escondido who both quoted me the normal price and said that they would only use what Toyota recommends, which is 5w20 or 0w20, no questions asked.
Jiffy Lube even came up with the same thing!

I told the manager this when I got here and he tried to give me the it doesn’t get cold enough here story. I explained to him that two other area dealerships wouldn’t put anything other 0w20 in the car. When I showed him I wasn’t giving up, he went to parts to determine if they had the oil and we got it setup.

They told me in the future that I will need to specifically request for them to put 0w20 in when I come in the future. So apparently, they are still going to try to rip everyone off by putting in the wrong oil because it is cheapest for them.

They are going to try to get it done within a half hour as a priority for me.

In the future, I will probably go to Jiffy Lube! If you live in the Temecula area, avoid Toyota of Temecula Valley. So far, they only thing they have been good at is the shuttle service.