Daily Archives: 3/31/2007


I’ve gotten a bit behind again, some cause I have been busy, some cause I haven’t wanted to make it real. Unfortunately, I’ve been there and it is quite real. My mom passed on last Thursday morning, March 22nd. I was sleeping late (about 7) when the house phone rang. Susan brought it in and said something about it being Debbie’s nurse and that it was important. I knew right then, and then had it confirmed, she was gone. I was angry at myself for cutting our conversation so short the day before when she wasn’t doing so well. I was angry that I hadn’t been out there to see her since Thanksgiving and that I was planning on going out in a just a few days over spring break. And I was at peace, knowing that she was no longer in pain – she can now be happy in a better place.

The next few hours were pretty hectic with the normal business day starting, a show getting ready to go out and all the extra phone calls with questions about what to do and the decisions that had to be made. I am thankful that I was already planning on spending the morning working from home because I was going to cut dance music after lunch. My mom had already arranged to have her body donated to Life Legacy, which thankfully someone had figured out cause I knew nothing about it, but had thought she wanted to be a donor. I was thankful to have grandma there, but I can only imagine how hard it must have been for her.

My dad and I went out to Tucson on Monday morning to size things up and figure out what needs to be done. It was pretty hard walking into the house and her not being there. I think it was the first time I had been in her house without her there. It was even harder looking at the dogs and seeing how lost they looked. They wanted to know where their mommy was and when she was coming back.

Fortunately, we knew it was coming, and my mom had prepared by getting most of her affairs in order already. We still looked through all the loose papers, mail and such for bills that needed to be taken care of or accounts that needed to be dealt with. We brought back with us a stack of things to deal with, of which I was able to get through two-thirds of this afternoon.

The real question is what to do with grandma. She can’t afford to live in the house alone, and I can’t afford to make up the difference to keep her there. We may have found her a place today that would work. One of my mom’s friends, Wanda, has been so helpful in taking care of things in Tucson. She has called and take care of so much, including finding this place possibly for grandma. She has even offered to try and look after her. The other loose end is with the dogs – Charlie Brown and Snoopy. We are looking for a good home for them to go to, hopefully together. They really are good dogs; I would bring them back here, but it’s not my house.

Moving onto some better news, last week Kristy & Noah got married. Connie and family came down Wednesday, and Grandma Esther flew out as well. We actually all got together for dinner Wednesday night between my classes. (I had a test and got out early from stress management.) I got to see the new edition to the family, Melanie Jo, and catch up on all the other happenings. Thursday night we got together again at BJ’s for the rehearsal dinner and Friday was the wedding and reception. It was a pretty good evening.

Earlier in the week, I did get my meeting with President Mattson, learned a lot and got my paper written for leadership class. I even officially had my records transferred to the Murrieta branch. I got the case formatted for management class, other stayed up all night working on parts and then class was cancelled on Tuesday!

I got my oil changed Friday, but I’ve already done my rant about that.

Thursday morning I figured out that we really need to cut back the border patrols budget. As I was approaching the check point, they had the cars running a break and slowing us down so that they could check us for illegals. We sat there for a while before they decided to open the lanes up and let us all through! I was pretty aggravated.

I got Brand’s domain server installed and mostly operational Thursday evening. I’m sure there are still a few things I need to fine tune, but we are getting there.

I somehow managed to get the entire weekend off. I booked Duffy for the weddings this weekend, and gave Chad a hard time about working church o’ bob, so he got Bouse to do it. I was grateful today to sleep in, take some time to “kick back”, watch the first session of General Conference and get some things done. I didn’t get any homework done last week, so I’ve got a few things to tackle before class next week. Today may not have been as productive as I was hoping in that arena, but I got some other important things done.