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Need a Doorstop? Use a VGA Card!

I was walking up the stairs to my tax accounting class this evening and had to do a double-take on the doorstop. Fortunately for you, I decided to go back and get a picture of it for you!

VGA Doorstop

Yes, that is a VGA display card. There was actually three of them in the doors there with one regular rubber doorstop. I guess Cal State Fullerton had some excess VGA cards lying around. I would assume this would work well with other cards if you have some collecting dust.

Idaho Spotlight

For once, I actually have a lot to report from the last two weeks or so.

Last Monday I was in the “spotlight” at FHE. They do this thing where one person gets up at the beginning of FHE and tells everyone else about him or herself. As part of the deal you get to pick someone to go the next week when you are done. As no one knew me, I got picked pretty much right off the bat. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me, I just talked about Idaho and joining the church, CBC and getting the heck done with school. Then they asked questions and it was my turn to pick someone new. That was certainly the hardest part, especially since I really knew no one at that point.

Today, as with many other days, I wore my BYU-Idaho sweatshirt to Cal State Fullerton. I literally wear the thing practically everyday, and have never that I can remember had one comment about it. (One girl at In-N-Out asked what ward I was in once, but that wasn’t at CSUF). Today, I got two within one minute of each other! Ashley, a girl in my leadership class who reminds me of Nicole Grondin for some reason, always sits at the front of class. Except today there was already someone sitting in her spot, so she ended up in the back in the same row as me. She saw the sweatshirt on her way back and asked, “Are you LDS?” Confused at first, I stumbled and said, “What?” She repeated and I answered yes. It turns out she is too.

Well, not more than one minute later, our teacher walks back and asks me if I went to BYU-Idaho. He tells me his wife’s family was somehow involved with Ricks College – and that was her maiden name! At this point I was just way confused. I hadn’t expected Ashley, to surprise me like that, and I never in my imagination could have expected my teacher to be married to someone involved with early BYU-Idaho! I think I spent the entire class just trying to sort out my thoughts.

I’m sure there is more, but I am practically falling asleep typing, so I think it is time to call it a night.

Mormon Way of Business, Make Someday Today

I’m not sure what exciting things I am forgetting to report about from last week. Things were fairly busy, so there must have been something worth reporting. Kortney saw Wicked twice the week before last at Pantages and reported that they had some audio problems the second night she was there. I need to see if I can’t find a time to make it up there this year.

I’ve been enjoying reading “The Mormon Way of Doing Business” by Jeff Benedict. I discovered it on the Church CIO’s blog just after our group agreed to do a report on David Neeleman, the founder and CEO of JetBlue. The book covers him and a few others and has been quite interesting. It is written more for non-members, but has useful information for everyone. I have enjoyed reading about the challenges and situations some of these LDS leaders have been in and their reactions to them. It is certainly the best book I have read this year, but almost anything has to be better than most textbooks. Funny part is, it probably could be a textbook for our leadership class and could enlighten some people at the same time. I hope to get in a bit of that during my part of the presentation. 🙂

Ryan and I went riding on Tuesday morning and then again on Saturday. I hope we are able to keep this up. I have enjoyed spending the time with him as well as just having some time to get away from it all, alleviate some stress and get some fresh air and exercise.

I had lunch with Alison yesterday; she is home for Easter. I worked a wedding yesterday evening and spent the rest of my time doing homework. I did Church o’ Bob this morning and then rushed to my Church from there. I felt so drained at Church after a hectic weekend. I think it is time to cut back my involvement at the Bob. I could use the cash, but I think I could use the time more. As CBC gets busier and busier, I need more time there and have less to dedicate elsewhere. I need to get through school and make sure I do it all while staying alive too. I still haven’t done my taxes, or my mom’s either. I have school projects and other work building up because I am just being pulled in too many directions. I can’t concentrate on getting things done and getting them done well, so it is time to cut back somewhere.

One of the talks at General Conference was about making someday today if I remember correctly. (I listen to so many things, it could have been a devotional from BYUI, but it doesn’t matter.) I’m a huge procrastinator and it drives me crazy. I always say, “someday we’ll do x,” but the someday needs to be today. We all need to prepare for what is ahead. Off the topic of the talk, we need to act today to stop destroying the world we are in if we want something to be left for our children. I need to prepare today for exams and projects coming up. I need to prepare my life for what is to come in the next few years.

I think I’ve done enough ranting and rambling for one night, so I’m going to stop procrastinating and go to bed!


I could get used to this. I haven’t gotten in my car since Friday evening when I got home. No weddings, no bob, and no church because of General Conference. It was really nice having the weekend off, and let me catch up on many things that needed to be done. I got a good amount of homework done and have dealt with closing some of my mom’s accounts and such.

I watched the afternoon session of conference today after doing homework all morning. Someone at Time Warner apparently didn’t have their clock set right, and right at 2 o’clock, it switched from conference to public service announcements. It took them a few minutes to figure it out, but thankfully someone did get it back to working relatively quickly.

Cabin fever really started to set in later this afternoon, so I decided to get out of the house and go for a quick bike ride. I called Ryan, but he was on the road back from Vegas, so I just went by myself. I just went for a short ride seeing as how I haven’t been on my bike for quite some time, but it was nice to get out and get some exercise.