Daily Archives: 5/31/2007

House to Beat

It’s almost official now. I saw my grades this morning for my last semester of college. That’s right, I passed the government accounting class with a C. I would have loved to have done better, but I’m 100% OK with that grade! I think the C in Strategic Management is a little off, but again, I’m just happy to be done.

When we were out house shopping on Saturday, I was wearing my gym shirt from BYU-Idaho. I don’t wear it all that often, but it was just the only shirt that looked good for the day. In any event, we ran into three groups of people who commented on the shirt. When we were walking into a Van Daele site in French Valley, a couple said something to the effect of great school. I wasn’t quite on my game (hadn’t realized what shirt I was wearing, I guess) and just responded “yeah” and left it at that. Later, at the last group of houses we saw, Ryland’s Jasmine Estates, we ran into a couple that went to school there who it seemed was purchasing one of the homes. We chatted for a while both on the in and the out trip through the sales office. After dinner at BJ’s, as we were walking out, this group of girls shouted “BYU” and cheered. I probably should have found out who they were, but I was so ready to go home at that point. Word to the wise… don’t spend an afternoon looking at houses.

I didn’t make it to Arizona this week. Alison ended up deciding to look for a job, which is probably a good thing, and I decided to wait to see what happens with the neighbor that might be interested in the house. I also figured it would give me some time to get through some of the other work I have to do with closing and collecting various accounts. I was also hoping to pick up some sales this week for CBC, but it has been fairly quiet.

I spent Monday doing odd jobs around the house mainly. After the family dinner, I headed out to the branch president’s land for the branch activity and FHE. He’s got some cool stuff going on out there with a lake/pool, outdoor amphitheater and other stuff. I wish I could have spent more time there, but I felt it was right to be home for dinner.

Nathaniel and I went and looked at some more houses Wednesday after work. What we ended up seeing was way too expensive and not very impressive. I was misled by some advertising. It turned out the one development I was really interested in was mainly townhomes, although it does have some detached townhome style houses too. They don’t have models built yet, so there really wasn’t anything to see. The other development they had there had one model in the 400s while the rest were mid 500s and higher!

Veranda Exterior

This evening we may have found the house to beat. It’s at Morningstar Ranch, on the 79 at Pourroy Road, less than 10 minutes from the office. The homes are by Brookfield and this is the Veranda community. The house really had everything I was looking for. Separate living and dining rooms.

Veranda Living Room
Veranda Dining

Good size kitchen with island and breakfast bar, which actually looks out the window instead of in at the kitchen like most.

Veranda Kitchen

One doesn’t have to walk through the laundry room to enter the house and it’s got a nice size laundry room to boot! It doesn’t have any bonus rooms or really cool amenities, but it has the necessities covered. The “standard” config has five bedrooms, one downstairs which can be turned into an office and one of the upstairs rooms which can be turned into a “loft.” The upstairs one just looses the closet and door, so I don’t see the point in it. It would be nice to have an office downstairs, but I think I would have it built as a bedroom too for more functionality. Either way, each room would have a full private bathroom which would be cool for renting the room out, which I would need to do if I was to afford this house! It is a bit over my pricerange, but might be do-able if I could guarantee one renter and find another. The house also has a double deep two car garage so there is lots of storage room with still ample parking. And the best part? We saw not only the fiber going to the houses, but signs from Verizon in the models advertising FIOS. Sounds like we might have a winner on our hands.

We still have a few more options to explore and a house in Tucson to sell, but we may be moving forward. The development has a few houses ready to go for 45 day move-in (i.e. they are built, just need to be finished with the desired options), but the development is only in phase 4 of 10, so they will still be building for a while. This is anther plus as many of the other places we looked at seemed to be selling their final phases.

So… anyone interested in renting a room to help me afford this house? It’s either that or I need to get married for another income!

Fallbrook Gives Via Monserate LDS Meetinghouse OK

I’m very happy to see that the Fallbrook Community Planning Group approved the meetinghouse the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been trying to build at Via Monserate and 76. It has been a lot of work for those involved and it seems like it has been going on for years upon years. I think Fallbrook could certainly use a second meetinghouse and I am very glad that one will be coming close to my house, even if I won’t be here for much longer.

I’m Done!

This semester may have pulled down my GPA, but that really doesn’t matter to me… What matters is that I’M DONE!

Spring 2007------------------------------------------------------------(Senior)
ACCT-403  Accounting Govern+Nonprof  3.00  C        6.00
ACCT-408  Problems In Taxation       3.00  A       12.00
HESC-342  Stress Management          3.00  A       12.00
HUSR-350  Leadership                 3.00  A       12.00
MGMT-449  Seminar In Strategic Mgt   3.00  C        6.00
Academic Status Not Yet Determined
Enrollment  Dates:   January 20, 2007 to May 25, 2007
Term         15.00     15.00     15.00     48.00    3.20       18.0
CSUF         84.00     84.00     84.00    277.20    3.30      109.2
Cumulative  165.00    165.00    185.00    633.20    3.42      263.2

I also think the C in Strategic Mgmt is bogus, but all I care about is that I passed!