Daily Archives: 12/1/2007

Night at the Oscar’s

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning. i woke up first around 6, but then went went back to sleep while enjoying the sound of rain until about 9:30! I did some work and before I knew it I was at the point I needed to be getting ready for the wedding. Somewhere along the line this morning I realized that rain meant new adventure …

I came home and read for a few minutes before Maegan talked me into going to the “Night at the Oscar’s” at the Vista Stake Center. I had never gone to one of these when i was a member of the ward, but she pressured me into going and Larilyn told me that I had already told her I would go. Some of the movies were a little weird, but some were funny as well. (I’m sure they were all better if you knew the people in them.) We ended up sitting in the stake center talking for another hour or so before finally deciding it was time for bed. I’d do it again if presented with the option.

It is still raining, so I’m doubting I’ll get to go for a ride in the morning, but I guess that will get me out of blowing off the driveway as well! I’m going to enjoy sleeping tonight with the sound of the rain and tomorrow may be somewhat a repeat of today.