Garth Brooks Soldout

I pulled myself out of bed just before 9 this morning in order to get on Ticketmaster in an attempt to get tickets to Garth Brooks. I waited for 9 and kept refreshing the page. I was in the ticket queue no more than 30 seconds after they released the tickets. I saw the please wait message go from 5 minutes down to 2 minutes then up to 15 minutes before finally telling me that there were no tickets available. It was 9:05 at this point. I was ready to give up, but Nathaniel told me they added another show. So I started looking there. I got 6 tickets in nosebleed for Friday night. Then they added a Saturday early evening show, no luck. Then Friday evening. I was able to get another 6 lower level straight back here. They first offered me directly behind stage seats which I decided against. They then added a Saturday afternoon show, but I didn’t really care at that point. I think Nathaniel has 6 tickets for each of the shows I have tickets for as well, so we could get a good group together or choose the best seats and sell the others.

Tickets for Brad in Idaho went on sale this morning as well too, but I wasn’t sure if I should commit to buying them, so I didn’t. After breakfast and once I got to reading, it was about time to get ready for another wedding. Of course, it started raining just before I left. It further turns out that the wedding I thought was at 4 was really at 3 and therefore I was an hour late when I showed up at 2! I guess it was a good thing I was there at 2 and not 2:30! It all worked out as I probably would have waited until then to put the sound gear out anyway. In fact, it was good news that the wedding was earlier because that freed up plans for the evening. The Vista ward was going to the temple at 5 (of which I had a chance of making it from a 3 o’clock wedding, but no chance from a 4 o’clock one).

So, I didn’t make the 5:30 session, but Larilyn and I went for the 6:30 session. We met up with Maegan for dinner though, after talking her into it. She had never been to Outback, so we ended up going there even though Larilyn wanted Claim Jumper. The service was incredibly slow, so i don’t think she’ll be going back. Next time we’ll let her pick and go to Mimi’s.