Today went pretty well. I had sufficient time to do some reading this morning before church, got through all the meetings without starving to death – although I think I was getting a little thirsty more than once and couldn’t talk because of it. I had some more time to ponder what I’m going to speak on tomorrow night and think I have some stuff coming together. I’m hoping I can just kind of lead a discussion and others will take it away and the spirit will direct us to where we need to be, but I want to make sure I have enough other things to discuss in the event that doesn’t work out so well. Maegan says she is probably going to come and bring some friends from Vista, so I need to have an extra good and spiritual message for them! Really my only concern at this point is that I am possibly not focused enough on a topic, but I’m hoping we will get the focus and focus where we need to be tomorrow night.

I’m talking about being prepared. I’m hoping somehow to tie into this discussion of choices we make and the consequences they leave for us. I’m thinking we will make a list of all sorts of things to be prepared for and then talk about a few of them in detail about how we can best prepare. I’m thinking I will use the recent fires as an example of being prepared to evacuate out house and possibly never see it again. Also, the trip to the DR and getting things in order and backup plans in place in case something was to happen to us while traveling. The overall message is that we need to make a choice to be prepared or we are going to meet the consequences of not preparing. Hopefully it turns out well.

I’m off to bed. Hopefully i can get a good night’s sleep and still get up early enough to get some more preparation in for FHE. Good night!