Evan Almighty

I came home this evening and was so tired that I just decided to watch a movie, Evan Almighty. I thought it was quite good and liked it’s moral – random acts of kindness can change the world. I’m sure of it and I don’t think we all need to build an ark to figure that out.

I also liked the part in the movie where God is explaining to the wife that when someone asks for patience, He gives them the opportunity to be patient. That when they ask for courage, He gives them a venue to be courageous. He continues, but this is a good opportunity to ponder. Are there things we are asking for, that we are given the opportunity to receive but yet we disregard our own request because we aren’t willing to take a step and walk by faith? I know I have tons of opportunities to learn patience and I fail miserably each time. Maybe I am getting better little by little and I guess that is what matters is that we are progressing, because even baby steps or going half way will eventually get you there!

If I got to pick two favorite parts of the movie, it would certainly be that part in the restaurant and then at the conclusion when they are talking under the tree.