Daily Archives: 12/18/2007

Fix Your Phones People

Are you ready for this? After going to sleep way too late this morning, I think I’m going to try to be asleep before 10 tonight! Seeing as how I generally get up at 6, or at least try/want to, maybe I should always try for that… Hmm, maybe I’ve stumbled upon a major finding tonight! Yeah, anyway, I got payroll done and my Christmas cards signed today at the office. We got most of them out and the remaining few should be going out here shortly. Of course, I still didn’t get as much done as i would have liked, but I’m making progress I guess.

I actually got to leave the office before 5 because we had a box that needed to be taken to FedEx. I then stopped by the bank and was home at a reasonable time! It didn’t really do too much with my time this evening, but I got some reading time in, checked in on the net and just spent some time at home.

Verizon came and installed three additional phone lines for us today. Two of them work great, but one of them also rings into Left Behind Games’ phone system! You get both systems somehow, so they are going to come back out and fix some wiring hopefully tomorrow.

The combination of their phone system and Quickooks’ last week really makes me wonder how many companies just don’t get it and are so focused on having an automated system that is wrong route calls places. Intuit kept sending my calls for Enterprise Solutions, their top of the line product to the Quicbkooks for Mac department. We pay close to $1000 a year for 24/7 support and the guy I’m talking to tells me that I’m not only talking to the wrong department, but that the people I need to talk to closed six minutes ago. He doesn’t realize that I’ve been on the phone for eight minutes, so they were open when i called. He transfers me back to the same menu i was just in and i swear I’m talking to the same Indian again the second time. A lady at Verizon asked me how many lines we had. I said 5. She replied that I was at the wrong department. I informed her that I pushed 1 when it said for residential and business customers with 1-5 lines, push 1. For business customers with 6 or more lines, push two. She said that because we were business, she couldn’t help us. She transferred me to ringing before disconnecting our call. When I called back in the next lady asked me the same question. i told her that in the interest of not being disconnected or sent to another incorrect department, I’d assure her that I had less than six lines and that the phone system directed me to her, so she could help me. When she called back the CID said asterisk, so apparently Verizon is running * as well. I guess our system works better than theirs did though because we actually answered the call.

LDS Church Welfare/Humanitarian Aid FHE

OK, I was out way too late tonight, but I still think I need to write. I spent the day at GT working on computers and doing a wedding. I made it to the post office and got my cards mailed before heading to the office for our weekly meeting. I even almost made it there on time. i was starving because I really hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. I had a light lunch at GT, but after realizing I was eating salmon I decided I was done eating.

I rushed from our meeting to the church for FHE. As soon as I pulled in the driveway I realized that it wasn’t at the stake center and instead was at the Rigby house. I made it there before we started, and even got a few pieces of pizza before we started the lesson. Brother Rigby lead and we watched a video on the welfare/humanitarian aid department of the Church. I had known that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was well prepared and ready to respond in emergencies, but it was great to see how some of the stuff comes together and to hear from some of the people involved in the process. I wasn’t directly, but our area was recently recipients of some of the Church’s aid after the fires. The Church is able to get help into places many times before the government can, generally within a week. I would imagine that most of that delay is in getting clearance from the government to assist too. In any event, we also learned more about the welfare farms and programs, including DI that the Church runs. I really feel compelled to make a donation to the aid department and will feel confident knowing that my support is going to do more there than it could in many other great charities.

After FHE, I joined Bouse, Batch and Christa for a pizookie at BJ’s. Kristin and Christina sounded interested in a pizookie, but didn’t want to come so I decided that I would bring one back to them. While we were sitting there I swore I saw Becky walk by. I sent her a text message, but got no response. Then I called her and no response. i was starting to think I was doubting myself, but after watching her for a few more seconds I had no doubt that it had to be her. I went over and she recognized me as I was approaching the table. She finally got her [engagement] ring! We talked for a few minutes before I decided to let her get on with her dinner.

After BJ’s I dropped off the pizookie at Kristin’s and then went back to the Rigby’s with Christina’s. Annie, Michelle, Sabrina, Christina and I ended up sitting there talking till 11:30 when I decided I need to get out so i could get some sleep. I was planning on showing up to work early tomorrow to get a jump start on catching up from today and getting payroll done, but I doubt that is going to happen at this point!

Ryan happened to catch me on the radio as I was driving home which was pretty random. I wasn’t guessing anyone else would be on frequency, but I heard him call out as I was getting into Fallbrook. We talked on my way out and then talked again on my way in. I guess our schedules just aligned today.