Daily Archives: 12/22/2007

Christmas Parties

I didn’t get up as early as I was half hoping for this morning, but it all worked out. I made it to the office by 8:30 and got through my paperwork as well as a few other things. There are many projects that I still need to focus on, but I am guessing that Monday will be pretty quiet and I can get some things done then.

I left in the mid afternoon to run some errands. I had to take Shelly’s gift to FedEx, make a deposit at the bank and pickup pictures and frames at Costco. I also discovered this morning the reason that i don’t wear the clothes in my closet that I don’t wear. it’s because there is a particular reason that I don’t like them. I put on this shirt this morning that I thought was festive (maroon), but I don’t wear all that often. i figured it out about the time I was half way to Temecula this morning: The darn thing is just uncomfortable. So, i decided to stop and buy a new shirt instead of going through the rest of the day wearing that one. I made it back to the office, but didn’t get much done after that and pretty much just started working on getting some of the pictures together for this evening.

It was as I was driving to dinner that I realized that there were some pictures that I just didn’t think I remembered seeing and I couldn’t find in the stacks. I was thinking at first that maybe there was a third envelope that I forgot to get somehow. When I got home tonight (right now) I figured out that they somehow didn’t get uploaded and ordered. i don’t know if I somehow didn’t click the right button or if Costco’s computer just decided it didn’t like me. In any event, I’m uploading the missing pictures now and will have prints ready tomorrow. It looks like I must have not pushed the button to get one of everything because it seems it is all the pictures that I only wanted one of that I am missing.

The office dinner went well tonight. We sat there for a while, made some people blind by taking their pictures (and it was all Bouse, not me) and ate lots of food. Some people had never experienced the chocolate chip calzone before, so we shared ours: They all seemed to like it.

After dinner we headed up to the branch Christmas party at the Mattson’s. We got there just in time for the snowball (marshmallow) fight. I got attacked with them, but didn’t throw any back. It was kind of exciting. We talked for a while and then decided to head out. I actually made it home before 10, but now it is after 11 and I’m still not in bed!