Daily Archives: 12/23/2007

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts!

OK, so I’m up extremely late and I’m not really sure why. Oh, I guess it was because I was looking for flights to SLC for next weekend and then got sidetracked into stuff on Facebook and who knows what else. I guess I should start at the beginning.

I got up this morning and worked some more on getting the right pictures printed from Costco. I ordered a few more that I decided to add… I got that done and then Larilyn and I headed to the temple. Brooke was trying to get a group together, but just couldn’t make it happen, but we still did our part.

I went to Krispy Kreme and got pumpkin spice doughnuts. I’ve been holding myself back from eating all three dozen, but they will most definitely be gone soon. We went to Fuddruckers for lunch and by the time we got back to Fallbrook it was almost 5. I changed and went to Costco to pickup my pictures for the whatever time this is and to see what other kind of goodies I could find. I was determined to find some gifts for some people in this house. I also decided to buy season six of 24 so that I can watch it like mad over the next week and not have to wait for the discs to come in the mail from Netflix. I also picked up seasons 1-5 for my collection and managed to save $60 somehow along the way!

I stopped by the office to try and help out and also to share some of my pumpkin spice doughnuts. Bouse was very happy to see them – about as happy as I was to get them! Batch decided that it would be worth taking a chance with them since they aren’t sugar free. It was probably the right decision to make! I got the alarm reprogramed with the new zones and got a few other paperwork things done before heading out to Kristin’s party.

I stayed for about two hours and then decided to head out. i was trying to get to bed at a reasonable time so i could get lots done tomorrow morning, but that doesn’t seem to have worked out very well.

Shelly got her present today and decided to open it, even after my note that said she has been caught in the act. I guess FedEx decided it would be easier to deliver on a Saturday than to try and get all their packages out on Monday. Good for me last minute kind of guys, but bad for those who decide to open their gifts before Christmas day – or even Christmas Eve!

I’m sure I could keep going, but I need to get to sleep. Lots to do tomorrow.