Daily Archives: 12/24/2007

Pictures Make Happy People

Another late night, what the heck!?! Today was good. i got lots of pictures framed this morning and loaded them all into my car. I made it to Church way early today, even had enough time to sit outside and finish listening to a talk and still had ten minutes before sacrament was supposed to start. President Smith spent most of the day with us, and again encouraged us to take whatever steps we need to progress on our conversion and to make sure we are in the temple regularly, which he defined as at least monthly. Emily didn’t end up playing for us today, but Stephanie did sing for us. I guess Emily and Marissa did something in her home ward earlier.

I didn’t get to enjoy Stephanie’s lesson today after she got home at 3 o’clock this morning because I got sidetracked into helping with other projects and then started handing out some pictures. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them. Even Sister Dowden seemed OK with the picture i found of her. Things went well at the Dowden’s, although we had a pretty small group it seemed today.

I left after dinner to go make some rounds and drop off some pictures. I tried to stop at Sib’s house, but she wasn’t home so I went to visit Emily. I found her and her dad playing piano and guitar, gave her the pictures and then we ended up sitting there talking for hours. Next thing I knew we had long since missed branch prayer and it was almost my bedtime. I wanted to come home, but I also wanted to get Christina’s picture to her, so i went back to the Dowden’s to meet up with her.

I’m trying to decide what to do for next weekend. I’m almost liking the idea of flying out Sunday morning and returning Sunday night because that means that I won’t have to deal with packing and such – I could just get up and go basically. But, that means I’d have to travel not once, but twice on Sunday, which I would prefer not to do. I guess it will depend on if I find any other activities to do while I am there – on either end. I think I need to go coat shopping tomorrow…