Daily Archives: 12/25/2007

Making the Rounds

I don’t know what planets were aligned correctly this morning, but i was in the office before eight this morning after being up late last night. We didn’t get one real phone call, as I expected, but I was able to get a lot of other little things done which I was very grateful for. I still have lots to do, but it was nice. I’m hoping that the rest of the week will be fairly quiet as well and we can get ourselves ready for the new year.

I left the office shortly after noon and went to Mens Wearhouse to get a coat for Salt Lake next week and pick up some new fun clothes. I’ve got a new suit that will be ready for me Thursday. One of the ladies that helped me was LDS, which I figured out after she asked if I was going to go to the temple in SLC. She asked me to bring her back pictures.

From Costco I just started making the rounds and dropping off pictures at the houses of people who I didn’t get to see yesterday. I got to sit and talk with Sib for quite some time and hear all about Idaho. I had forgotten that she is off track for the winter so she will be with us for a few months. It will be nice to have her around again.

I made it home around the time I probably should be home on a regular basis and realized it was time for lunch! Fortunately there were some snicker-doodles hot off the press which made a good lunch before I finished up my meatball calzone for real dinner. Matthew and I wrapped presents and then i set in to watch 24.

Oh, I spent a few hours trying to figure out the best plan for next weekend. As usual, it was mind boggling trying to decide between the different airports and flight times. I don’t understand how Ontario has become the most expensive airport. Even San Diego is somehow cheaper than it now. Burbank for some reason wants to be the cheapest for this flight, but I’m not driving all the way there just to save some money. I was seriously getting close to booking a flight out of SAN but it came down to having to get up earlier on Monday morning for my return and I didn’t want to deal with it.

I will be leaving on the first flight out Saturday morning, seeing what kind of trouble I can cause in the greater Salt Lake area (Cheesecake anyone?), will probably go to Temple Square and see it at Christmas time and then will spend Sunday with Tara and her family and of course hear her farewell speech. I’ll fly back late Monday morning, giving me enough time to still enjoy the long weekend with New Year’s.

I think I’m off to enjoy my bed for the evening now. I wonder where Norad is tracking Santa to be right now?