Daily Archives: 12/26/2007

No Mint M&M’s

I made it to the office practically on time again this morning! I would have been there at 8 exactly, but I decided that I needed to do a quick vacuum of my car before I left the house this morning. I decided to check the weather this morning and it was 32 in Murrieta. I decided to prepare myself with my new coat and was ready for multiple layers if necessary. Fortunately the heaters had decided to work this morning so it wasn’t necessary.

I realized mid afternoon that the real reason I was up early this morning wasn’t to get to the office on-time, but rather to get to the stores before they ran out of mint M&M’s! I completely forgot to go candy shopping this morning. I also forgot about doing it this evening after work. And the worst news of all. My shoppers that I had assigned the task of purchasing every bag of mint M&Ms they came in contact with failed miserably and couldn’t find any! We even spent some time looking on the Internet for somewhere to order them from and couldn’t make it happen.

I enjoyed some more 24 this evening. I can actually tell it is starting to get old because I find myself more interested in my text messaging than I actually am in 24. Then again, planning trips to Switzerland does involve a lot of attention.

Now here’s my discovery of the day: Not only am I ebullient about absconding to Switzerland, but it is quite disturbing that it is somehow cheaper to fly from ONT to LAX to Geneva than it is to fly from LAX to Geneva. Cheaper by the tune of somewhere in the range of up to a thousand dollars! I don’t understand this. Maybe I’m missing something here, but how is it possibly cheaper to put me on another plane and yet send me through the same airport? No wonder so many of these airlines are in distress. (i really tried to get morbidity into that first sentence somewhere, but I just couldn’t make it sound even one bit natural. Maybe it is time for bed. I’ve been trying to use my new vocab words that Maegan is teaching me from her gre studies.)

Ok, so we aren’t absconding to Geneva just to get swiss chocolate, but it sounds like a good idea. I was actually surprised that we could get a flight in three days for just over $1,000 with all the taxes. It might almost be worth doing something like that for chocolate when my mint M&M cravings get bad enough. Maybe someday I’ll just be crazy and do something like that…

Christmas Day of 24

All went well today. It was nice and relaxing. After opening presents this morning I spent most of the day watching 24. I’m just over half way through the season, so I still have quite a bit to go and am definitely interested in getting through them so I will know what happened.

All the gifts I gave ended up working out well I think.

I really don’t have much to report without leaving the house or really doing much of anything today, so I think I’m going to head to bed and try to make it to the office again tomorrow morning so i can get home early and get through some more episodes of 24!