Daily Archives: 12/29/2007

Salt Lake Tourist

I made it to Salt Lake safely this morning. I managed to wake up even 15 minutes before my alarms and was able to get out of the house on time, right about 3:30-3:45. I made it to the airport with plenty of time and all seemed to go well. Meeting Shelly at the airport worked out well. Her flight came in just after mine.

Once we got the car, we headed to temple square. We spent some time there going through the visitors centers and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We then decided to walk to lunch which ended up being an adventure. We were headed for Olive Garden, but they were having problem and weren’t open. Shelly shot down going across the street to Macaroni Grill because last time she ate there it wasn’t that good. We then started the search for Benihana’s. I’m thinking it was torn down or is closed for remodeling because we couldn’t find it. We decided to walk to the Gateway Center where we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.

It was pretty much too cold to do anything once we had warmed up inside CPK, so we decided to watch a movie. I Am Legend ended up working out for us, so we saw that. It was good, but kind of sad in some places. It’s an interesting story plot which I could imagine actually happening way too easily.

After the movie we went to the Church History Museum and then back to the car at the conference center. We drove to the hotel, got checked in and situated and then decided it was time for something to happen, with the obvious next step being dinner. Since I really wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory since they finally opened one here, we went, but discovered it had a 2.5 to 3 hour wait for the two of us! We walked around the mall, but that only took 30 minutes! Shelly talked me into going to Olive Garden for dinner and we settled on Cheesecake for dessert. I think we eat too much! (We ate too much too.)

It started snowing a bit when we were coming back from the movie, but it picked up in intensity around dinner time. After dinner it was actually coming down with some volume.

I think we had a good time today. We probably could have used a break in there somewhere to take a nap or read a book, but I guess the movie kind of filled that spot. It was cold, but it didn’t seem too bad except when you had just come out of a warm building. Tomorrow should be a bit more relaxing with nothing planned in the morning, Tara’s church in the afternoon, who knows what for dinner and then I think at least Shelly and I are going to go to Temple Square to see it lit up at night. And we need to get our pictures in!

Now, I think I’m either headed straight for bed or I’m going to watch one episode of 24 and then fall dead asleep.