Daily Archives: 12/31/2007

Till Next Time Salt Lake

Well, I’m home. I didn’t really do much today once i got home, but I did finish the season of 24. I had a pretty much not so interesting morning. I did breakfast at the hotel and then packed up and headed to the airport. The security line was long, but we made it through it. I wasn’t selected for any additional security measures and didn’t have to go through the puffing machine. The flight was full and I was squished in the middle. I spent most of the time in the airport and on the plane reading “The Wednesday Letters.” I also spent a good amount of time at the airport text messaging, but of course that had to stop when we got on the plane.

I found that it was disturbingly hot when I returned to Ontario. I knew it wasn’t going to be as nice as it was in Salt Lake, but I wasn’t expecting it to be in the 70s. I understand it is going to be warm through Thursday, so I’m thinking that maybe I should have stayed in the snow longer.

I finished the season of 24 and haven’t been able to decide if I should watch the preview for season seven. I also don’t know if I’m just loosing interest because it has been going on for a while now, if my love for the show has changed, or if the writers are having a hard time keeping the show compelling enough, but i didn’t find myself as stuck to the TV as I have been with previous seasons. Something tells me that it may be a combination of all three.

I spent a little more time reading this evening and I think I am going to head to sleep early tonight to try and get back to a reasonable deficit amount. I’ve been thinking about writing letters recently, somewhat from when I bought the book and probably more so because of Tara. In the book, the husband’s first letter to his wife was on their wedding day and he promised that every week he would write her. I had been contemplating since I got the book what he could possibly write about every week when I assumed he was with her most of the time or had already shared the stories. It sounds in fact like the letters are almost more of journal entries, but written to her instead of to no one. It’s a very interesting concept, one that I may like to pursue further. I’m about half way through the book (just started reading this morning) and am anxious to see what else the children are able to unfold.

It sounds like Marie is getting a group together for Disneyland tomorrow, so let either of us know if you’re interested in going. I think she said she was planning on leaving around 10:30 or 11.

I wonder what it would be like if we were in Switzerland tonight… That would have been one heck of a way to celebrate the new year. Maybe next year…