Daily Archives: 1/2/2008

Dream Fastpass

I met Marie and her friend Lisa at Disneyland today. Before I got there, they managed to win dream fastpasses by being in the right spot at the right time – Tower of Terror early in the morning! They each got a fastpass for all the rides that have fastpass! When I got there, we tried talking our way onto Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We had some executive type at the front that said he would get us in, but that it wouldn’t work for all the rides. We then decided that since we had three admission tickets, we could get three fastpasses for me and that shouldn’t slow us down too much. We got a few of them, but then before we were able to use them we had a crew member at space mountain tell us that if we went to City Hall, they would probably give me a dream fastpass so we could all go through the rides together. After waiting a few minutes, they did!

I was planning on only staying a little while and making it home for dinner, but we just got wrapped up on rides and hanging out. Before we knew it, it was time for the Fantasmic show and really time to go home! I had a good time though and probably wouldn’t have done much else today anyway.

Nothing else to report, other than I am super tired and I’m sure I will be late for work in the morning at this rate!