Daily Archives: 1/7/2008

Company Disneyland Outing

Today must have been good because it just flew by! We had our company outing at Disneyland today. I picked up Sibonet, Tara and Lauren (S) and we were at Disneyland just after they opened. We met up with Christa, Batch & Bouse. Nathaniel and Erica joined us a bit later.

We hit California adventure first: Tower of Terror, Soaring, Screaming, Ferris Wheel, Mulholland Madness and Tower of Terror again. I couldn’t believe what time it was – and we didn’t spend much time at all waiting in lines.

AstroBlastersScottSibWe went to Disneyland to get fast passes for Space Mountain before getting lunch/dinner, but found there was only a 10 minute wait. We quickly discovered this was only because it was a 10 minute walk and that there really was only a few minutes of waiting to board. We tried to talk with Stitch, but he was on vacation this week and Nikki was nowhere to be found. The only thing in the park that had a line was the submarines, so we decided not to stand around for that. Bouse managed to beat me on Astro blasters, with a gun in each hand!

We had an awesome waitress – Teal – at The Cheesecake Factory after Batch decided we should walk there. It was great as always, and we definitely ate too much. Teal talked me into trying a new cheesecake, the chocolate oreo mudslide or something like that. It was quite good, once I got past the nuts in the crust. Lauren insisted that we take a cab back to the park – which she, Tara, Sibonet and I enjoyed while the others walked.

We got right on Pirates after getting fast passes for Indiana Jones, then went for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before hitting the Matterhorn as the park was closing. We didn’t get to do Indiana Jones because of some problem with the ride. Maybe they will honor our fast passes for another day?

I’m trying to keep the long story short so I can get to sleep, but it was a great day and we will have to do it again soon. I’ll try and post pictures later, but I have a feeling the next couple days are going to be kind of long working days.