Daily Archives: 1/8/2008

Server Fun

Well today wasn’t nearly as exciting as yesterday, but I guess we all have to work sometimes, right? Batch and I spent the day installing Windows Server and pushing around machines … We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon and evening to continue the fun.

I got to go to La today for lunch. I haven’t been there in forever, so it was nice, but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I think I just had my expectations set really high. It wasn’t bad by any count.

Cheesecake AnaheimLauren had been bugging me to get pictures on facebook from yesterday, so I had to make sure to take care of that first thing when I got home this evening. They are up there, and I decided to make a group so everyone else could post pictures, comments, etc. It drives me crazy that you can’t add events after the fact, so I made one for tomorrow. I then found a few other events that I will be attending that didn’t exist on FB, so I took the time to create them.

I really didn’t do too much else today. I need to figure out my plans for Idaho later this month so I can get my flight booked and go see Shelly! Alas, it will have to wait another day as I need to get some sleep tonight.