Daily Archives: 1/9/2008

Making Progress

Batch and I made good progress this evening. The new server is running smoothly and we have tested the transfer of just about everything we can think of. We’re going to find the best time to go back, reformat the remaining machines with new hard drives, and take this baby live. It looks like it should be working great, so I just hope that it continues to solve all the speed problems they’ve been having. There must be something wrong with the previous machine we used as a server.

We got caught up on some work this morning at the office, but there is still a lot to be done.

I still can’t figure out what I want to do for Idaho in two weeks. Do I want to go up Tuesday and do the Rexbrug Temple open house or do I want to try and cram that in on Wednesday or Thursday? Do I really want to see the concert two nights in a row, or should I sell the tickets for one of the nights? And then there is probably the real important question: Is there just too much going on this month that I shouldn’t take off? Maybe I shouldn’t force Shelly into going to something she really isn’t interested in going to and should find a better time to torment her.

So many choices… I think it’s time for bed!