Daily Archives: 1/11/2008

What Will I Regret?

I think my brain has been under too much pressure lately because I can’t even think of what to write about. I listened to two conference talks this morning, the second one being good, better and best, but I can’t think of what the first one was… With a quick trip to lds.org, I was able to jog my memory: “Service” by Elder Steven E. Snow.

I remember it clearly now. I was pondering about the regrets question. His mother had answered that she wanted to have served more, even when she was active in many church callings. Thinking about it today, I regret not doing everything in my power to take advantage of the opportunity presented to me to attend BYU-Idaho and pulling the stones out of the wet concrete. I’m fairly certain my life would be completely different if I was to have gone and I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. I want to make it clear that I don’t regret where I am today or the opportunities I’ve had along the way, but it would have been great to have continued at BYU-Idaho. I can only imagine the ways I would have grown from that experience. In any event, the real question is, in 50 years what am I going to regret? May I also have the answer that even though I was already ready to serve others, I didn’t give it everything I could have? I’m probably doing a good job now, but I know that better and best are out there and can be reached if I would just try a little bit harder. That ties into the other talk I pondered on today. I think I had been doing better with my choice of how to spend my time and resources, but I wonder if I have fallen back a little and am not doing the best I can.

I was busy in the office today, but it was good busy – catching up on many little things that needed to be done a long time ago and making sure all the financials and such are in order for the close of the year. I played some more with Exchange tonight, but couldn’t get it to actually allow logins or make mailboxes, but we are hopefully on the right track.

Batch, Christa, Bouse and I went to Claim Jumper for dinner and then it was bedtime! I’m hoping to get some things done around the house tomorrow (driveway, maybe the lights, carwash), maybe get out forĀ  a bikeride and then head to the office for a while before stake conference.