Proving God Correct

President Smith said in conference Saturday night that we don’t need to live our lives wrong to prove that God is correct, we could live our lives in accordance with his plan to prove him right. I know I don’t have the exact words, so maybe someone can tell me specifically what he said.

I was pondering this over breakfast this morning and thinking that sometimes I live as if I know everything is true, but I don’t press forward as such. It’s almost like it will come out in the end, no need to verify it now.

I’ve told people before that even though I now the Church is true, I also know that it wouldn’t hurt to follow the guidance of the Church even if it wasn’t true. We’re good people, teaching good morals and standards, learning to be more Christlike. If it isn’t true, are we doing anything that hurts us? I certainly don’t think so.

I don’t know where I was going with this, nor do I know if any of this makes any sense whatsoever, but I hope that we can press forward proving ourselves and our God right, not following the hypothesis test that it hasn’t been proven yet.