Daily Archives: 1/16/2008

Long Nights with Juliet

I think I’m about two days behind with working late nights getting a new server up and running. It all went fairly well, other than we were there until 5 Tuesday morning after starting at 5 Monday afternoon! I spent another good chuck of time there last night, but still made it home at night. I made it back to the office this afternoon to get payroll done and make sure the place wasn’t completely falling apart.

I’ve been too busy working, so I don’t really have much to report. I’ve practically shuttered myself from the world to focus on this project and have been sleeping weird hours for me (maybe not for pyro) so there just isn’t much to say. NAMM starts tomorrow. It sounds like we’ll be there Thursday and Friday. There are also some sessions that might be worth a trip up there on Saturday as well, but I may just be feeling so ready for a nap by then that I may not go.

I’m going to sleep…. I have to be up in six and a half hours!