Daily Archives: 1/21/2008

Extra Tickets

Another day down and not much to report. I guess my life has just been pretty boring the last few days, but I’m 100% OK with that. I actually made it to the office at almost 8 this morning and pretty much worked through to 6 and then did some random things while waiting for FHE to come around. Zion taught a good lesson on dispensations and famines, I love it when he teaches.

It sounds like we’ve got some extra seats for Garth Brooks this weekend. I may have 1-3 extra for Friday’s 6 p.m. show and I think I have four extra for the 10 p.m. show at this point. I really should probably give up trying to plan these things out in advance because people always cancel at the last minute! I guess we’ll just see how it comes together.

Oh, and still no clue if I’m going to Salt Lake this week… I guess I should figure that out so I can put the tickets on eBay if I’m not going. Who wants to go with me?

Well, it’s past my bedtime, so I’d best get to sleep.