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Have I Done Any Good Today?

OK, I need to make this quick since I’ve been blogging already for an hour. I found some great links, comments and thoughts from reading some other sites tonight. I’m so far behind on my blog reading, but I am hoping to work on catching up this week.

Today was good. I got to sleep in to make up for Friday night, got prepared for Church and then had a great time there. We had talks on personal revelation, conversion and peace. Lauren reminded me of the question of “Have I done any good today?” which also further made me think about the suggestion for us to write where we have seen the hand of the Lord in our daily lives. I don’t think I’ve been doing very well in either of those suggestions. There are lots of good things I did today, but I can’t think of anything that stands out. I didn’t help an old lady cross the road, but I tried to be a good example to others, to be a good friend, to help others out, etc. The hand of the Lord is in everything. There wasn’t a close call on the freeway He saved me from, but there could have been something that He kept me far away from that I didn’t even realize. Of course I was blessed and nurtured in so many ways. How am I supposed to focus on one?

It was kind of quiet at the Dowden’s tonight which was rather nice for a change. I was finally able to give Kelsey and Jillian their pictures from Christmas, but I still need to finish some others.

We talked in Sunday School about the murmuring of Nephi’s brothers when they were in the wilderness. Nephi’s bow (& arrow) breaks and they immediately start complaining against him. When he is commanded to build a ship they laugh at him. Nephi doesn’t even ask where the tools are, but instead asks where he can find the ore to make the tools he will need for the ship. His brothers just don’t seem to ever catch on, time and time again they need to be reminded that Nephi is doing the work of the Lord and they are failing in every test. I don’t think I’m at either extreme here, but I’m pretty sure we can all do some work to complain less and be ready to help more.

With that being said, I really need to get to sleep.

Joel Dehlin: You Have the Right to Remain Visible

In response to: Joel Dehlin: You Have the Right to Remain Visible

Maybe it’s just cause I use a Mac and hope for the best in everything, but I don’t worry about someone stealing my credit card number over the Internet. I hope my computer is fairly locked down and sensitive information isn’t going to get out there. I have key information encrypted and I figure the rest while not necessarily public knowledge probably isn’t going to harm me or anyone else if it gets out. Heck, most of my life is already on the Internet, why not let it all out there?

We have to consider the costs of protecting our data. If the costs outweigh the benefits, then why bother? Anti-virus software drives me nuts. I firmly believe that the threat you need to worry about is one that your anti-virus software won’t be ready to deal with. It takes them days to get an update released and to your computer when a new virus is found. By that time the virus could have infected every computer on the planet. Doesn’t someone have to get infected so they can figure out how to prevent it?

As far as credit card information goes. The biggest worry is going to be when you go out to eat and give your card to the waitress or waiter. Who knows where they could be going with it or what they could be doing once they have written down or scanned the information from the card. Heck, I have multiple cards with RFID chips in them now, so you don’t even need to possess my car, just scan my rear-end with an RFID scanner and you’ll have multiple credit cards worth of information.

This is where merchants need to be more careful. They need to take extra steps to ensure that they are protected and they are dealing with who they are lead to believe they are dealing with. I further believe that while our law enforcement officers are busy with other things, some more time needs to be devoted to finding the people who are committing credit card fraud online.

As far as my website history goes, give it out. I have nothing to hide. You’ll probably find that most of my hits go to my own sites, Google, LDS.org, FaceBook and other blogs I read (normally through Google Reader – or the links on the right). The people that need to worry are the ones that have something to hide. I suggest if you have something to hide, instead of worrying about how to hide it, you instead work on removing that problem from your life. Now, I’m not saying that everyone doesn’t deserve some privacy, but let’s keep in mind that anything we do could be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow. If you would mind if the whole world knew about it, maybe you should be setting a better example for all those that are indeed watching your every move. We can be tremendous examples to others, so let’s try to set our best foot forward always and “raise the bar” or “stand a little taller.”

Would Gordon B. Hinckley have anything to hide on his computer?

Shift Happens – Did You Know 2.0

Another link I found from Joel Dehlin that turned out to be quite interesting:

YouTube – Did You Know 2.0

This reminded me of a video we watched in my Leadership Class at CSU Fullerton. It is mind boggling how some things change the world. We really do need to prepare for the future and we have to solve the problems we created years before with new thinking.

The world is changing rapidly and not just with technology. The United States is not going to be #1 forever and we’re probably going to have some interesting changes ahead of us.

Let’s try and leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Please.

Joel Dehlin: Internet Activity Around President Hinckley

Joel Dehlin, CIO of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, posted an interesting summary of some of the recent happenings regarding President Gordon B. Hinckley’s passing. Many of them were things I probably already knew, but hadn’t realized and I hadn’t seen some of the links he presented.

Joel Dehlin: Internet Activity Around President Hinckley

In the video of the youth dressing in their Sunday best and speaking about President Hinckley,  one of the girls quoted him saying, “See the sunlight through the clouds.” First off, this is an interesting tie in with the weather we had in the surrounding days. It is also one of those phrases that almost encapsulates President Hinckley. I think he saw the good in everything. If we could find the good in all things we would be much happier people and that in turn would improve the world.