Daily Archives: 2/29/2008


Why does every thing have to become an ordeal? We decided to eliminate two of our three phone lines at the house. One of the them was just forwarding calls for the business and one served as a fax line. Neither was really seeing any use, so there was no point to continue to pay for them each and every month. We had the DSL installed on the fax line because it was the line that had the least amount of use and only went to my room. In the process of canceling the lines, of course, we had to move the service to our remaining phone line. One would think that would be a fairly simple thing to do, but apparently it was quite that hard. It turns out the password was reset earlier so in our testing we got locked out of getting online, but we were able to get that solved. We got the service switched to the new line and it worked for a while and then just stopped. This morning I had to call in and reset the modem and tie it to our new phone number. How much security do we really need on one stupid DSL connection? Once we finally got things running again we discovered that they are painstakingly slow. So slow in fact that it can’t support a voice connection, nor can one possibly manage to watch a trailer. I’m estimating our max speed at about 300 kbps – and that’s a burst, the average connection is more like 160 kbps. My Verizon EVDO card can easily sustain 600 kbps while downloading a trailer, so I’ve since switched to using it.

I went to Coldstone today and got Batch a birthday cake. Actually, I got him some sugar free ice cream, and I got the rest of us a cake that said “Happy Birthday Batch,” but such is life. It was good, but was kind of a pain trying to cut pieces from with our plastic utensils.

We didn’t end up going to Disneyland tonight. Christa wanted to go, but Bouse didn’t so they decided to try and get a group together for bowling. While bowling isn’t quite my thing, I was thinking about it, but decided that my hand probably couldn’t take it. I think I have been typing too much this week or something because my right hand has just been killing me all week.  Alison and I talked about going to a movie, but I got stuck playing with DSL once I got home, delaying us too long. I ended up watching “No Reservations” which I thought was fairly good. It’s funny where life can take you sometimes.

I guess now it is time for bed. I’m not sure what the weekend is going to bring. We were supposed to be going to the LA Temple tomorrow, but Maegan backed out and we never really got a group together. I’m guessing it will turn into a nice day to rest and catch up on things around the house.

Chris Cagle

I won tickets this afternoon to tonight’s Chris Cagle concert. I certainly wasn’t dressed for the concert, so I had to head home, change and hit the road pretty quickly after I got the news. This meant that I spent a lot of time in the car today after driving to Poway for a meeting this morning, to the office, back to Fallbrook and then practically to Palm Springs. The show was good. It was a much smaller venue than I was expecting, but it turned out good. Kristin and I spent most of our time front and center. She ventured completely to the front at one point with some crazy girls we met there.