Daily Archives: 3/2/2008

Continue Moving Forward

Another day, another dollar. Oh wait. i guess you have to go to work for that. Let’s try that again. There was no work today because it was Sunday! I enjoyed laying in bed this morning, getting rest and pondering. Then I got up and had plenty of time to get ready for the day and do some reading. I also started adding things to the online branch calendar for the month.

Church went well. President Smith spoke to us during Sunday school and Elders Quorum. The main topic seemed to be to keep moving forward. Beyond that we need to make sure we are not being distracted from our focus, but all went well. Break the Fast was good – we did breakfast foods which are my favorite! We followed it up with some soup at the Dowden’s Things were fairly quiet there, so I started writing a letter to Tara, but I didn’t get far before people caught on that I was hiding in the corner.

I’ve been thinking of lots of things that I need to get working on this week. I hope the office is as busy at it was last week, but I also hope that I have time to focus on getting things done that I need to do so we can continue moving forward. I was kind of also hoping to find a day to take off and run away to Disneyland, but with how busy we’ve been I don’t know if it is going to happen. Well, I think I’m going to finish my letter and get to bed.