Fairly Typical Monday

Today was pretty much your typical Monday. I don’t feel like I got anything done at work today, but my phone is now actively connected to Exchange after I just started deleting tasks trying to solve the problem there. Alison and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch since she had the day off and was up in Temecula getting contacts and her car fixed. The Mazada 6 they gave her was kind of cool in that you could hold the unlock button and it would roll down the windows.

For FHE we shared our favorite scriptures and why we liked them. I liked the input others shared. The attendance was kind of low, but we still had a good time.

I came home and setup my new receiver. I ended up getting it from Circuit City since B&H was out of stock and Circuit City came down another $25 with their price. I liked the auto setup (the calibration) once I got my speakers hooked up. I determined that one of my speakers was out of phase – and probably has been since day one! I guess it is also possible that the wiring is in phase, but it decided for my configuration to reverse it. I guess that’s the beauty of an auto-configuring device.

I’m now enjoying Brad Paisley in concert at Muddi Gras. It’s not nearly as cool as seeing him live, but it is good none the less and I’m getting to give my new setup a little test. Too bad it’s too late to try it out at full volume! It will be nice once I actually get a house and can setup a real theater.

It sounds like I’ve got everyone on board for getting a BBQ at the office and trying to make our own lunch instead of going out to eat everyday. Now we just need to go shopping and get a plan together. I threatened that we could have a meeting each week to determine our food for the week, so we’ll see where this goes. I guess I’d better get to sleep so I can be at the office before lunchtime tomorrow!